Colors Mean Everything

Colors Mean Everything

Have you ever wanted to brighten up someones day? Show people you are excited? Tell people you just wanted to be left alone? Well your clothes can tell people everything. The chart I’ve posted gives you some meanings of a few basic known colors. It’s a great reference for your next business meeting, important interview or hot date with that special someone.

I love wearing bright colors on a rainy day because it’s not only going brighten up my day but others as well because it’s more to a day besides rain. By me loving fashion I love wearing colors and patterns. I don’t mind others knowing my personality before they speak to me. First impressions does matter and certain colors can show confidence like the color red but you shouldn’t wear red at an interview because you might come off strong and a little dangerous.

Haven’t you notice with the presidents elections. Democrats wear blue ties to express trust and to confide in them. Republicans wear red to express their love for their nation. Everyone has a certain image they want to portray even the ones that say they don’t care what people think. For a good reference look up what “emo people” look like. They are wearing a lot of black. They want to be a part of their own world get away from the norm. The dark colors they choose to wear expresses who they are. The color black is very noticeable even for those that don’t want to be scene. We notice men wearing black suits, women in their little black dress, and a funeral where most people wear black.

Before you decided to step out your house or go shopping think about the message you are trying to get across and does your actions match your clothing choices.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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