Men Clothing Options

Where do men find their source on fashion? Is it in the media? Do the women or their significant other in their lives tell them what looks good on them? Do you guys wake up one morning and say to yourself “I need to update my wardrobe?” Ask yourself these questions. Who really decides your clothing style?

Everyone has different body shapes. What looks good on others might not look good on you. I never understood a man’s body frame until I had to measure them. By looking at men’s clothing and how it lays on their body some men aren’t wearing the appropriate fit for their body type. Men are short, tall, husky, body builders, etc and everyone can’t afford a personal stylist that can find outfits for their frames. I would consistently see men wearing high water suits because they were really tall or fitted blazers or shirts because their arms were really buff and had extremely broad shoulders. Women have these issues too but women have so many more options in clothing stores then men. Men really have to do their research to find their perfect shopping spot.

I have one last question for you guys if you go look in your closet does the choices of clothes you have fit your body frame?

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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