Let’s Talk About Suits

Ladies and gentleman have you looked at someone in a suit and notice something was just off it? I’m going to tell why and help you fix that.

People are all different shapes and sizes and so are suits. When looking for that perfect suit and you are just having trouble deciding. You know your size but when you’re looking at the hanger or size of the jacket you’re getting confused.




As you can see from the pictures beside the size there is also the letters S, R, and L. S is for short, R is for regular, and L is for long. There is a great way to figure out which length is right for you.

Stand up straight and put your arms by your side as in the picture below.

Next cuff your hands. Your jacket should fall in the cuff of your hands.

Too short!

Too long!

Just right!

But what if you don’t know your suit size. Most suits comes with a 6 inch drop or up depending on how you are looking at it. What is a 6 inch drop or 6 inch up? If you wear a 30 pant size you are a 36 suit. If the drop is more than 6 inches somewhere on one of the suit’s tags it will have it written.

Now you know suits doesn’t come in one size fits all. Here’s the 411 on that tie you are choosing to wear with your outfit. Other than picking a tie to match your suit and accessories your tie shouldn’t be bigger or smaller than your lapel.

But first do you know what a lapel is?

This is the lapel.

This is too BIG!

THIS IS TOO small.

This is just right! Hitting the edges perfectly 🙂

Don’t stop reading now this last tip is VERY important. It’s the fit of the suit. Other than suits coming in short, regular, and long; it also comes in trim, slim, and classic fits. European suits is all the rave but if your perfect figure doesn’t fit that designer’s target market that suit isn’t for you.

Here are some examples:

– German designers target market is tall and slim like a soldier.
– Italian designers target market is average height, slim but in shape.
– American designer target market the casual fit for the average man.

If you have an idea about the designer you’ll know what suit works for you. If not that’s what Google is for lol.

I hope you enjoyed my tips. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to comment below. If it’s a question you don’t want anyone else to see click on my link ” Contact Information” at the top of the page in the menu bar.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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