Building A Brand

Ten years ago it was harder to build a brand compared to now. Social media is one of the main reasons people and companies can grow so fast. Social media is a great way to get people’s attention without leaving your house, city, and/or state. Everyone wants great exposure for FREE and having social media accounts are FREE. YouTube became a business and a fun hobby to show people their talents. Instagram is a way to show off your photogenic side and to expand clips and pictures of what you are about.

Behind all the social media there is YOU. To make people listen and view your site or videos you will have to show them your personality and your confidence. Your viewers or followers will be able to relate to your content and you. At the end of the day people are just people no matter if they are the President of the United States or the so-called Tumblr Famous. These people portrayed themselves to attract people and made themselves likeable.

To build your brand you have to believe in what you are trying to do. If you believe it, so will others. Haven’t you seen an infomercial about people being so clumsy they had to buy a specific AS SEEN ON TV product to fix the problem. We know it’s not as extreme as how the actor portrayed the situation but how they expressed the need of the product it made the viewer wonder “WOW I think I need that.” The customer might not need the product at all but the way they showed the product made you drive to the store to purchase it.

The secret formula to build your brand is:


I know I want to have fun doing what I love.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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