Where or who do you get fashion tips from?

Not all of us are blessed to know what will be “in style” next so where do you look for inspiration?

For me I love YouTube because it a great way to follow people with similar styles as me or to figure out how to experiment with other styles too. Some of my favorite Youtubers are Raven Elyse, Glamtwinz334, and Glamaholic54. Those are just a few. You have to remember fashion isn’t just about clothes it’s also about hair, makeup, and accessories. It’s the WHOLE package. I really like to follow channels that shows me the whole package. Since I also style men, I do look at a couple male Youtubers as well such as Pour Homme, and JairWoo. The way they edit their videos I feel like I’m chilling with them. The great thing about following people on YouTube is that they are regular people like you and I. I can afford to shop where they shop. Not like celebrities where they can drop $1000 on anything like it’s pocket change. I can’t do that but if you can no shame in that! Do you!

Another great thing that is handy are fashion apps. I will admit I love fashion, went to school for fashion but I don’t buy fashion magazines like I use to. Everything is online and if I love something so much I can screen shot it and make my own little mini magazine for myself. An app I’ve recently been introduced to by one of my Instagram followers is called Stylekick. In this app you can upload and view people’s OOTD and it highlights where you can get each piece and takes you to the actual website to purchase it. How awesome is that! Another app is Polyvore you can also access it on your computer too. Polyvore is great to find great clothes that links you where you can purchase items and help you create look books for your style. I don’t use Polyvore to create my look books I just use Photo Collage Creator and I absolutely LOVE IT. So you don’t need Polyvore to do your look books. Polyvore makes it easier but I don’t mine working a little harder to make my look books. For those that love makeup and hair Beautylish is for you. This app has tips and tutorials on how to do so many things. You can see reviews on makeup by MAC, Too Face, NARS, and more. Those are just a few apps that I know and love. We all know there are tons more out there and a new app is being created right now as you read this blog.

Anyway I want you to tell me where you get your inspiration from. What apps do you use so I can download? Who do you fashion stalk on YouTube? So I can subscribe to their channel. Are you that person that just knows what is “in style”? If so I need to know you so I can get advice sometime. Feel free to comment below. You can contact me just click “Contact Information” in the menu above. If you want to see what I’m up to you can follow my blog instagram @aspire_oneself or my personal instagram @_cocorenee.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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