Love vs Money

In today society we see a lot of greed. Money this money that. When going to college and you have to decide on your major, some might have a conflict in picking what you want verses what your parents want. I know when I went to college and I came home and my dad said “fashion what can you do with that?” Even random people would say the same things. Why waste your college years on that? It just makes me sick hearing things like that. Everyone doesn’t want to be a doctor or a scientist. Some of us just want to follow our dreams and sometimes those dreams don’t make us rich but make us happy. One profession that is important but they get paid very little are teachers. Without teachers who teaches us to think we can do anything we put our minds to and gives us the education to move forward in life. What about the people in the arts like actors, poets, dancers, designers, painters, etc they pave the way for us to think outside the box. Everything isn’t so black and white. With more and more arts being cut from schools it’s harder for kids to express themselves and see there are more things to do in the world besides sitting in an office. There are people that loves sitting in an office and working for a corporate business but others like myself want to sit face to face with the people that need help. Money is great but money sometimes blinds us to remember how we became so successful. We focus to much on “we made it” and not on the steps it took to get us there. 

If you pick love over money nothing is wrong with that just prove to those people that are bringing you down that without that profession there wouldn’t be _________. If you pick money don’t forget how you became successful. Everyone struggled at some point. At the end of the day if you’re happy in whatever you do you’ll be successful anyway. Look around now anything and everything can make you money. Just some professions take a little longer to see it. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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