Blazing It Up For Spring

Spring time is slowly approaching here in North Carolina. Where the weather is not too hot and not too cold but you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear. One thing we all should have in our wardrobe is a blazer. A blazer is a great way to dress an outfit up and tone an outfit down. It’s also a great layering piece just in case the weather drops a little bit at night. Guys don’t think blazers are only for women, you can rock a fly sports coat and go anywhere in style too. 

Where to find blazers without breaking your pockets? 

  • Thrift store 
  • Forever 21 or H&M 
  • Your parents closets
  • Department stores

All of my blazers except for one came from a thrift store. I paid only $4.99 for the pink blazer above. Of course I have more blazers than what’s in the picture above but I wanted to show you some examples on how you can turn an outfit into something else in a matter of seconds. First picture on the left I turn a casual romper into an evening outfit with your boo. The middle picture I turn a basic black tee and royal blue pants into a night out with the girls. For the last picture on the right under that blazer is a sexy backless dress but you wouldn’t know it unless I told you and I turn it into a dress you can wear to work. It’s even knee length approved. 

Sometimes you don’t have to buy a whole outfit, all you need is great pieces to mix and match in your wardrobe. It’s much cheaper just to add a few pieces here and there verse two to three head to toe looks. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Instragram: aspire_oneself 

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