Spotlight Interview: Truth. Life. Revolution Clothing


Recently I had a chance to do an interview with a street wear clothing company called Truth. Life. Revolution or TLR for short. TLR headquarters is in Winston Salem, North Carolina. This clothing company is giving Winston Salem a taste of something new and showing people fashion can come from anywhere, not just in New York, Paris, and Milan. The members of TLR are innovative, creative, and striving to create a revolution of street fashion. On April 18th, 2015 TLR will be hosting their first fashion show with another clothing company Dupp & Swat in Winston Salem, North Carolina called #MadeInWinston. Below are the few questions I asked to get a better understanding of who TLR really is! Hope you all enjoy! 

Q. What made you all decide to start a clothing line? 

A. It all started back in 2008 we came together on the campus of University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We wanted something to call their own. We spent so much money on buying other people’s clothes why don’t we make our own. 

Q. Since TLR is a clothing line do any of you have a fashion background? 

A. No, none of us have a fashion degree but I (Deante) have taken a couple sewing classes.

Q. Who inspires you?  

A. The media but mostly we inspire each other! We are all so different and we each bring something different to the table. 

Q. How did you all come up with the name Truth. Life. Revolution.?  

A. One day we were all chilling in the dorm on campus throwing out some names and someone said Truth, life, and revolution and we just all agreed. We share the same message and we want to spread the word of we are who we are.

Q. What should the audience expect at the #MadeInWinston fashion show? 

A. Something fresh and new for the city of Winston Salem. We are giving people a something different.  

Q. My last question is what are your plans on expanding your brand out of Winston Salem? 

A. Right now we are working from the inside out. Our plan is to get a representative from state to state that is willing to spread our message. Our focus is to start small and build from there. 

I see great things coming from TLR. They came together as friends in college and moved forward to create a company together. They are staying true to who they are while evolving to better themselves and wanting to create a movement not only for themselves but others as well. The name Truth. Life. Revolution fits them well. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Truth. Life. Revolution. Keep an eye out for them and follow them on social media. 

Instagram and Twitter: TLR4ever

Facebook: Truth Life Revolution


If you are in Winston Salem, North Carolina or the surrounding area you have to check out their fashion show on April 18th, 2015. You do not want to miss this event. Tickets are only $10!!!! Hope to see you there. 

Click on the link below to purchase your tickets.

#MadeInWinston Fashion Show


Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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