#favFriday: Fashion Era

I love fashion and I consider my style classic but sheek. Don’t get me wrong I like other styles too as you can see in my #ootdMondays but I always go back to that classic look. 

My favorite fashion era is the 1950s where you’ll find high waistlines, a-line dresses, furs, and when Coco Chanel became an adjective in her own time but we can’t forget the men with their lovely suits! I can just melt when I see a man in a nice suit!  

We all know fashion recycles itself and a lot of these same fashions came from the 1920 too. I remember an old picture from the 1950s of my great grandmother in Jersey City in her high waisted a-line skirt and all I can think was she looked fabulous. The style was so simple but elegant and graceful at the same time. I wonder in the future what would the 2000 fashion era be known for? 

If you are interested in this style you should check out Modcloth. Vintage style without going to the thrift store or through your great grandparents closet like I did. Check out this fur coat from my great grandmother.  

How can you not love this era? Where women can feel girly and men can feel masculine and stylish. 

What’s your favorite fashion era? Comment below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Credit: 1950 Fashion

Photos: Taken myself and Google search

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