#wwydWednesday: Change thoughts leads to a change mind

We all heard the saying seeing the world half full instead of half empty. Being half full leads to an open mind and open to change. While half empty thinks negative and worring about the what ifs’ instead of the what could be. 

A simple thought can change our perspective. If we think negative we’ll be negative. If we think postive we’ll be positive. We want to see a good change in ourselves and the world, we have to think positive. Focus on what could be once you keep going. 

The other day I opened up to my manager and told her I feel like I’m moving backwards and I don’t see growth in my position. I felt confused and upset at myself. I’ve always set goals for myself even when I was younger so when I feel like I’m not where I think I should be I start beating myself up. That’s when she told me I’m empty minded. Yeah she said that alright! “How can you not see how far you came Courtney? I wouldn’t of gave you these responsibilies if I thought you couldn’t do it.” I did come a long way. My past jobs just gave me responsibilities because it was in my job description not because I earn the right to do them. I closed off my mind on what I didn’t have instead of focusing on what I was given. Not going to lie my family history on seeing the world half empty effects me even when I don’t want to admit it. We all are creatures of habit. Those habits can be change into postive thinking but only if we allow it. 

I’ll like to know how do you see the world? The way you are seeing the world is it effecting you positively or negatively? What made you think like that? Is it habit or did you change your way of thinking? Comment or you can contact me privitely here

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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