#wwydWednesday: Be a leader not a dictator 

Let’s be honest who likes groups projects? Probably not a lot of us and the only people that benefits from group projects are slackers. The person taking care of the slack will be the person in charge.

So, who decides which person(s) is in charge? Is it the person that speaks up the most, the person people like the most, or is it the person that gives the orders?

Which one would you rather have as a leader?

In my opinion I like a little bit of all three. A leader has to be willing to speak up and take on challenges. A leader has to be respected by the team. A leader has to also delegate tasks but most important a leader has to be a good listener and a team player. Without that a dictator is born because they think it’s their way or no way at all. With that attitude people won’t respect you because they can’t express their ideas or step up to the plate.

Have you been in a situation at school or in a workplace where you had no room to grow or show of your creativity? I have and that’s why I learned how to speak up but also become a team player. Everyone isn’t the leader of the group there are followers but we shouldn’t throw away their ideas or what they have to offer. Being a leader we have to learn how to balance the needs for the project and the needs for the team. If not a lot of issues will occur.

My question to you do you consider yourself a leader or a dictator? What can you do to become a better leader?

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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