Recap of my Hong Kong trip

Who would of thought I would visit Hing Kong?! If my sister didn’t live there already the trip might of not happened. My trip was 7 days but two of days was spent traveling to and from Hong Kong because my flights were about 15 hours so that wasted time to sight see. Once I was there I didn’t waste anytime. Everyday was something from my bucket list I wanted to do and some that wasn’t on my list but still enjoyed. Continue reading and enjoy the pictures of my trip. I might spark an interest for you to book your next trip to Hong Kong!

The first activity I did from my bucket list was visit The Peak. My sister and I took the Peak tram up Peak. The Peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. As you are traveling up the mountain you can’t help but admire the view. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Fun facts about the Peak:

  • The mountain is 1811 feet above sea level.
  • When traveling up the mountain on the tram it’ll give you an illusion that everything around you (buildings and trees) are tilted like you’re on a roller coaster. It’s scary coming down backwards!!!
  • My sister delivered my nephew at The Peak’s hospital.


After I came from the Peak my sister had to go to work for a few hours which meant I get to go sightseeing on my own. Look what I found a museum. If you know me personally, you know I love museums. The building you see below is Dr. Sun Yat-sen museum. The museum was his former home. I would have more pictures but once I got inside the museum no photography was allowed.

Fun facts about Dr. Sun Yat-sen:

  • Yat-sen was banished from his village after coming back from college because he changed his beliefs to Christianity.
  • He became the President of the Chinese Republic.
  • Yet-sen is considered one of the greatest leaders of modern China.

Later that night after I came from the museum I reunited with my sister and met up with her team from work. Guess what we ate HOT POT. Who would of thought going out to eat and making the guests cook their own food became so popular. Some of the food I knew what it was and others I didn’t but hey I was in Hong Kong! My sister loved hot pot so much we recreated it at her house the next day.


Before I left for Hong Kong my sister asked me if I wanted to got on a hike. I said sure because I like to hike. Shortly after my sister told after I agreed she said it’s a 4 hour long hike. There’s no bathrooms so we’ll have to in the bushes. People have died getting lost on hikes. Why didn’t she say this before I agreed! Anyway I still did the hike because how many people can say they hiked in Hong Kong. Now I can say I have hiked in Hong Kong. It was a difficult hike for me but we finished in 2.5 hours instead of 4 and the hike ended up at the Tai Long Wan beach. This is hike is one thing I’ll never forget because I fell coming down, the soles of my sneakers came off, the tide at the beach came up faster than I though and I got soaked but hey it was great.

Excuse the shoe string in my hair. That’s how curly hair girls get their hair up lol.

It was WINDY at the top!

Later that night I got to see how the people in Hong Kong bar hop. This is one of the things I wish the states would do. All the little bars are blocked off  and you’re just seeing hundreds and hundreds of people going from bar to bar, drinking in the streets, dancing in the streets. No problems just a fun time all night.

As it got closer for me to leave I went to Man Mo Temple. It’s among the oldest temples built in 1848. This temple is a beautiful place to worship.

OMG it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s me riding in a sky cart on my was to Buddha.

After Buddha I went to Tai O fishing villages. No one drove cars and the houses were on stilts. Tai O village was built in the 1700s. With their lowkey living they still had cable and internet to keep up with the rest of the world. The people in this village made it into a urist attraction to bring in business and keep everything going.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip. I’m still working on my vlog for my trip because it’s easier to capture what was going on in a video than just a picture and you’ll see the stuff I’ve left out of the blog. I’m trying to get the hang of my new editing software. 

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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