Loveless Series: Trusting God & Wonding If Love Is A Part of My Timeline

As you been reading my posts for the “Loveless Series” I hope it’s an enjoyable series and your following along by answering the questions to yourself honestly. These are the questions I’ve had and are still answering for myself. We all can choose to continue the same path and decide not to try to progress or move forward and figure out ways to better yourself. The type of person I am I like to put somethings into my own hands like trying to find the right person. As I can see that’s not working out for me because I end up disappointing myself for

  1. Going after the wrong guy
  2. The wrong guy is going for me and I’m not focusing on the hints to leave him ALONE.

If that’s the case we need to dig deep down inside ourselves and say is okay he isn’t for me. Just like in my post “In Love with “Love”” I said “I figured out not to settle just because I’m lonely”. If that person isn’t for you and you know it say BYE. When we are focusing on the wrong things we’re missing out on the right.

After bad relationships and failed thought that could be relationships I start to wonder if love is for me. Is it meant for me? Does God have a bigger purpose? Do I have to sign up to go on a love reality show? I’m doubting myself because

  1. I know my worth
  2. I know the challenges I’ve face
  3. I’ve overcame them because I know every man out there isn’t the same

After knowing all of that insecurities start to set in and we all start to compare. Well I know I feel that way. Such as am I pretty enough? Looks are the first thing people notice. Do I not give a good first impression? I’m I too forceful for what I want? So many things continuously run through my mind because I want to give love and I want to receive it.

I’m going to end this post right here because next week the topic is “Preparing HIM for HER” which will help tie in what you’re reading now. Stay tune.

Sincerely, CourtneyRenee

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