Preparing Him For Her

Hi Aspirers!

Hopefully you read “Trusting God & Wondering If Love Is A Part Of My Timeline” because this is the continuation. If you haven’t read the post go read it now!

Let’s get into it. One statement from the previous post I wrote was “Is love suppose to be in my life or is my purpose something else?” One thing a lot of us do is look at our exes or people we’ve dated Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Which can be a bad thing. When I see how their relationship is blooming I start to think. To be honest I’m really happy for them being able to find that one but a part of me wonders how can he have such a great relationship and doing all the things I’ve asked him and wanted with her. Am I just a stepping stone? Have you ever wondered that? Is my purpose just to be the woman to prepare him for his soulmate? Am I the lesson? Am I the women to be wrong with so when I’m fed up with you, you realized you messed up so bad you have a “come to Jesus meeting” and do right to the next women.

Reading this from a readers viewpoint or someone that is in a relationship have some things that could be floating in your head right now. Is this author being salty that he moved on? Maybe she needs to be comfortable in her skin because if she was like me she would know you are perfect the way you are? You know things like that. The answer to those questions are yes I can be salty but I am confident in myself. I tend to be the alpha female when it comes to my relationships. Not saying I always have to be in charge but if the man isn’t showing control or taking the lead sometimes, I will. Maybe for not being with them I am winning because they couldn’t rise in the relationship with me. Being a alpha female will be another topic on it’s own.

When I’m being nosey and I just admitted that I’m nosey. It’s human nature to wonder if they are happy and wondering why he didn’t do the things like that for me based off how he is portraying it on his social posts. Yes social media can be a problem but social media will always be here and it’s not going anywhere. Telling someone not to take social media so personal is wrong because our profiles are personals. Online we express our thoughts, feeling, and photos of things and people we show affection to. Even though I not physically next to any of my exes doesn’t mean I don’t see some aspect of their lives. He wants to share because one it’s another way to profess his feelings. Therefore you express your feeling just by what you see. My action for that is to stop looking on their profiles and/or delete them! Looking at them brings up feeling you shouldn’t have because that person isn’t thinking about you. They moved on and so should we all.

There are multiple reasoning on why relationships fail maybe it was the timing or maybe someone wasn’t really ready to be in the relationship. Either way you and me, me and you didn’t work. Dwelling on it is way too stressful. When we’re happy I mean truly happy all we’ll be thinking about is how great your special someone is.

I really hope you’re enjoying my Loveless Series. Don’t forget to like this post if you loved reading it and you’re excite for more. Share this post if you want to. Talk to you all soon.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee



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