Pressure On Him (Waiting)

Hi Aspirers!

I can say I’m little old fashion when it comes dating….well to an extent. I like to be courted. Sometimes I don’t allow a guy to court me because I’ve been single for so long I just generally do certain things myself. By me doing it myself leaving the guy comfortable for not letting him do certain things in the relationship. Back to what I prefer a guy to do for me:

  1. Ask me out first 
  2. Pick the location (take charge)
  3. Open doors
  4. Go out of his way to say hello
  5. Profess his affection about me
  6. Be a teddy bear 

Those aren’t hard things to want but now a days it feels like guys just want to go with the flow. I like to know what’s going on and if it’s worth it for me to stay. For the initial first date and a few after is the time we are getting to know each other’s habits. From the beginning we have to hook each other in and keep a tight grip. If I’m getting go with the flow….it’s not flowing right with me. That’s just my preference. You might like to wing dates day by day. 

When a guy plans things out that’s impressive for one I’m always the one planning things. I’m tired of that. When I see they are constantly going with the flow I have to plan. Why am I? Is it wrong to want a guy to go out of his way? I don’t want to always be the one initiating. I don’t want it to feel one sided. When I feel like things are becoming one side I start putting the pressure on him. Such as stepping up and asking where is this going. Since I’m the one always planning the guy is so use to it they feel like they are doing their part. Which they aren’t. That comes from getting to know their partner and change out of your comfort level. All it does is stresses me out. I feel like I’ve trained them to relax and I believe you should never be comfortable in a relationship (but that subject is for another day).

My questions for you to answer this week is:

Do you think women tend to expect a lot out of men? 

Is it wrong to want the man take charge? 

Is it okay for the woman just to go with the flow when they want to know where is the relationship going? 

From a guys prospective if you really like someone would you just go with the flow or would you be more forth coming?

Open for discussion in the comments or feel free to contact me personally with your answers at

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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