Loveless Series: Maybe…

Hi Aspirers!

Growing up we probably heard this word used by our parents or guardians when we’re asking for something. We would cross our fingers hoping it’ll go our way. Tend on lending on that term and planning on not getting a no. The word I’m referring to is maybe.


What happens when we’re use to that term in a relationship or leading into a relationship. We’re hoping for that maybe to turn into a yes. This term can also mean doubt such as “maybe we can see how this goes”. In our eyes we are hearing possibly the odds will be in our favor.

In yes or no situations why do we need to use maybe? It’s either yes or no. Are you meaning to say yes then why can’t you just say yes? Sometimes the answer maybe can be the worst response because the person on the receiving end will be in wonder just like when you see those three dots on the conversation screen when you’re texting someone. (Just say it already) Also we can start to think are they just trying to hold on to something and if we find out it’s not going in our favor we’re pack our bags and dip out. Well that’s me of course.

If you can’t decide if you want to be single or be with me, I’ll make that decision for you. Be the first choice. Being with someone shouldn’t be an obligation, it should feel right. Saying maybe is showing you feel like something isn’t right and that’s alright. It’s not alright if you don’t communicate. Without communication causes you to feel obligated to always have to say something instead of letting it flow. Which can also lead to running the other person away.

So before you get a response with the word maybe make sure to evaluate because you don’t want to possibly be waiting for something that won’t go your way.

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee


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