Loveless Series: Pressure

Hi Aspirers!

Why is it that people feel the need to hook people up? I’m not saying I haven’t done it but when I do I feel like being a matchmaker, I feel like the other person is a good match not just people they are there. 

I don’t know if it’s just me or are you feeling the pressure to get in relationship, get married, or have kids? Well I’m feeling it more than ever! Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely. Yes it is cold outside and having someone to cuddle with is tempting but I’m looking for more than just a cuddle partner. If I don’t see more in you than it’s not going to be more. Those friends and family members that mentions “I have someone for you” but they have no idea what you’re looking for so instead of wasting everyone’s time the answer is no. At the end of the day do we even have a type because clearly the type we like clearly isn’t working out.

Thinking back to my parents and their parents by the time they were my age marriage and kids was already in the picture. Apparently it hasn’t been that easy for me. Not saying I don’t want that but it just hasn’t happened. Comparing myself to doesn’t help.

Q: Have you felt the pressure to get into a relationship or move forward in a relationship? (Leave a comment below)

I had a previous coworker who is younger than me and was married. The type of person I am I asked a lot of questions and one of them being why did you get married so soon. She said “we were pressured by our family and the church”. “We’ve been in a relationship for two years and living together”. In my mind I took it as if your church and your family didn’t get involved you two would just be boyfriend and girlfriend. I understand whispering in the ear and giving people a little push but if people are pressuring others to do something that they weren’t planning on doing wouldn’t that lead to disaster?

Q: Have you been pressured to do something and it didn’t go well? (Leave a comment below)

Time is important to me but at the same time we don’t know it’s a mistake until it goes wrong. We have to try to find out. For me that is tough because I hate wasting time because I feel like I wasted my time so many times and still haven’t got it right yet. The toughest pressure of all is putting pressure on myself when something goes wrong. Things happen and relationships fail. Most of us that put ourselves out there is hoping for something good to happen. I said most not all because there are people out there that try to put themselves into a relationship knowing darn well they just want to play the field (those are the people we want to avoid). Maybe to help with the pressure we take a deep breath and breathe. Then the pressure wouldn’t be so hard to deal with.

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee


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