What does Christmas mean to me now?

Hi Aspirers!

As life change so does the holidays. When we get older we start viewing things differently such as Christmas. Thinking back as a child, all I thought about was gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Now I see as a day off of work and feasting. I forget about gifts and think only about rest and holiday dinner. When you’ve been stressed all year long and Christmas is a guaranteed day off, that’s something to look forward to. Family and blessings are what I think about everyday of the year so I don’t dedicate Christmas day just for that. I dedicated that day for me. Giving me time to rest and receiving hours of sleep.

When ever that day comes when I have children of my own then the meaning of Christmas will change once again because my view will change. I believe what we are currently going through will not only effect our daily life but our views on holidays too.

What does the holidays mean to you now? Comment below.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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