Should I give you one? 

Hi Aspirers! 

‘Tis the season of being generous and gift giving is one act of being generous. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts but have you ever been in a situation when someone gave you a gift and you wonder should you buy them one? Well I have. I believe it all depends on you. The holidays are the days to give not just to receive. If you are the type of person to give just to receive you’re missing the whole point of the holidays. At the end of the year it doesn’t mean a big celebration for everyone. For some it could mean penny pinching to a least have enough money to give gifts. People are spending their last few dollars to see a smile on their child’s face on Christmas morning, or to have food on the table. 

If someone surprises you with a gift most likely they gave you a gift just because they wanted to not because they had to. A gift doesn’t have to be wrapped up pretty with a bow. A gift could be kind words or kind actions. When we think about what our family and friends gave us through the years, material things are the last things we talk about because we are so busy talking and laughing about the memories. 

So when someone hands you a gift act surprised and if you truly want to give them a gift, give because you want to not because you feel obligated. Do it as act of kindness from your heart. If you don’t it’s not the end of the world because those people that actually took time to give you a gifts they just wanted to. 

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee 

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