Loveless Series: Two is better than one

If having two brains is better than one, then why is it so hard to figure that out in a relationship. You two were once two individuals and one day you two found each other and created a bond. To hold that bond each of you have to be equal and want to be equal. Sometimes in relationships that one person wants to make that bond unequal because they were thinking of themselves instead of each other. Has that happened to you or have you did that? Did you like the result? Did the bond come back together?

Sometimes the bond breaks because one person feels the need to run a stray or be the big man or woman in the relationship. If you wouldn’t like your partner doing it than you shouldn’t do it. Before you even do an act think twice and say to yourself. “What if _____ was doing this? I would be mad as hell.” If you don’t care what the other person is doing than that’s not a bond at all. If you do care about the other person you should know better.

I’m not saying our needs should come last when you’re in a relationship but both sides should be happy, understanding, and willing to compromise. If you aren’t happy, not understanding, and want it your way or no way then the only way to go is out that relationship. Yeah I said it OUT! Don’t make your life complicated if it doesn’t have to be. Being alone is stressful. Being in a relationship can be stressful. Being alone can be great. Being in a relationship can be great too. You just have to be willing to deal with things coming your way. Dealing means talk it out with that other person. Two brains are better than one when trying to solve a problem. Conversation is with two or more people. If you’re sitting and talking alone that doesn’t get you anywhere except for acting petty and fighting with issues that might not really be issues until you talk it out with someone.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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