Have you been elfing lately? 

”Tis the season for giving so how are you giving a helping hand? Here are a list of things you can do for others. 

1. Volunteer at a local shelter

2. Have a mini toy drive with your friends and family and drop of the toys at shelters or hospitals. 

3. Have a coat drive. Some of us grow out of our coats or want a new one and giving away a coat for the winter is a great gift. 

4. Help out a fellow family member or coworker. A lot of us are so willing to give to the people in the streets and forget about the people we see everyday. Some of us are struggling to stay off the streets. 

5. Have a food drive. Rent out a space and cook for the needy and then at the end send them off with another plate of food. 

6. Bottle water drive. Water should be free but a lot of people charge. Give bookbags of water for people to drink and bathe. 

7. DIY for the holidays. Decorating can be expensive especially when you don’t have decorations so why not have a DIY event to create ornaments and give away. 

8. Host a family for the holiday

9. Have a glove, ear muffs, and sock drive. Something small like this will go a long way in the winter. 

10. Pop up makeover shop. This is a huge event where lot of people have to be involved. Have a day where the homeless can pop in and clean themselves up. 

What are some other ideas you can think of to help someone in need? List them down below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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