Aspirers, it’s October and do you know what that means?

The 31 movies for Halloween is BACK. I’m so excited! I love scary movies, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, I would still watch a scary movie just because I want to. For those that are new, since 2018 I would watch a Halloween movie I haven’t seen every day until October 31st. If you want to know my thoughts on any classic horror films or movie I haven’t listed but you think I’ve seen, feel free to leave a comment or message me.

I’ve been a scary movie fanatic since I was a kid. Majority of these movies I’m shocked I was able to watch when I was younger. So many fond memories. A few of my favorite movies are Halloween, Saw, The Shining (original), IT (original), Poltergeist, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scream. Last year I came across a local movie store that sold scary, thriller, horror films, and tv series. There were films that are so old that the only way you could watch is was on VHS. Sadly the store has closed. I’m sad, but you can still purchase movies from them on their eBay shop here.

Each week I will post all the movies I have watched from the previous week and show you how I rated them. If you want to follow along with me in advance, instead of waiting for a weekly update I’m posting daily on my Instagram story on what movies I’m watching, but to see how I rated them you’ll have to wait for my weekly blog post.

First, let me get you familiar with my rating scale. I started this rating scale last year, I like it, so I’m keeping it. I’m rating each movie from 1 to 5. One being the least and five being the most out of each category, but there is an expectation for the predictable category; it’s the opposite. If I rated a movie a 5, I wasn’t able to predict anything, but if I rate the move a 1 it was very predictable. A few people were a little confused about the predictable scale, and I wanted to clarify. After I scored a movie by each category I would average the scores together.

Rating Scale:

  • Attention – Will I keep my eyes focused to this movie? If I end up picking up my phone to go on social media then it’s not keeping my attention.
  • Creativity/Psychological – How out of the box is this movie? Is it the same type of movies that comes out? Does this movie make you think?
  • Scary/Thriller – This speaks for itself
  • Gory – This also speaks for itself. A movie doesn’t have to be gory to be good but gore does come with a lot of popular scary movies. I couldn’t leave it out.
  • Predictable – Will it be twist at the end? Unexpected endings?

Aspirers, if you want to know what I’m watching tonight and be ahead of everyone else you have to follow me on Instagram and check out my stories. Looking to check out any of the previous movies I’ve watched through the years click the link below.

If you have a movie that you believe I haven’t seen, let me know in the comments.

Talk soon, Courtney Renee

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