31 Movies For Halloween 2020 Part 1

Hi Aspirers, week one is complete and I’ve watched 7 movies so far. This week I found a good variety of movies. As you can see all the movies didn’t receive high ratings. Anything 3 and above is worth watching but that’s my opinion. These rating are based off of my judgement. You might think some of these deserve a higher or lower score. We are all entitled to how we feel. I didn’t go into detail on why I scored the way that I did because then I’ve have to write a book on how I felt about each movie, plus I would give spoilers away. I don’t like ruining movies for those that intend on watching them.

You can find majority of these movies on Hulu or Netflix. If you do not have either or the two checkout YouTube or any other online provider. Next week there will be not one but TWO posts coming out. Can’t wait for you to see what I have in store.

Talk soon, Courtney Renee

The Lodge trailer

Don’t be afraid of the Dark trailer

Twinsanity trailer

Crawl trailer

Marrowbone trailer

The Binding trailer

Lights Out trailer

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