31 Movies For Halloween 2020 Part 2

Hi Aspirers, here’s to another week of Halloween movies you should check out. Also, did you check out the other post I dropped this past Tuesday? Here’s a hint, it’s food-related. Another thing, I want to say hello to the new readers that recently followed Aspire Oneself. Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

This week’s movie picks are a good mixture of storylines. It’s a mixture of thriller, war, and horror. I highly recommend watching these if you haven’t watched any from last week. Again, these are my ratings, and you have a right to your opinion. Anyway, check out the trailers and see which one(s) interest you and let me know how you like them. Feel free to comment below or you can continue DM me on Instagram like how you been doing. I’m open to both.

Talk soon, Courtney Renee

Life trailer

Overlord trailer

The Wretched trailer

Winchester trailer

Extinction trailer

Jessabelle trailer

Books of Blood trailer

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