31 Movies For Halloween 2020 Part 3

Hey Aspirers, here is part 3 for 31 movies for Halloween 2020! October is almost over. Which I’m sad but at least you have more movies you can check out. As you can tell, I rated some of these pretty low and when you watch these you will know why. A couple of them I could see them making a part 2. I’m always open to seeing continuations of movies. Sometimes the second ones are better than the first.

Anyway, check out this list and let me know your thoughts. For some we can continue our conversations in our Instagram chats. If you aren’t following me on Instagram follow me. Remember you get to see which movie I’m watching daily instead of waiting for my weekly posts.

Talk soon, Courtney Renee

I Still See You trailer

The Remains trailer

The Haunted trailer

Session 9 trailer

Goodnight Mommy trailer

The Resident trailer

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