Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

When I was younger the tradition was each of us can open one gift at midnight and wait until we woke up to open the rest. Now we open all our presents on Christmas Eve.  Leave a comment below of when you open your gifts.  Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Last time…

I don't know how some of you all do this but this year is the last time I'll ever do last minute shopping. The stores weren't too busy for me but the stress was overwhelming. For those that are still out there shopping good luck to you!  Sincerely, Courtney Renee 

Christmas Tree Lane

Hi Aspirers I wanted to share a few Christmas trees from my past Christmases.  In 2010 was the year my mom decided we weren't going to have a real Christmas tree. She finally got what she wanted.  Also in 2010 my roommates and I decided to get ourselves a "little" tree. Wasn't it cute! In... Continue Reading →

Christmas Tag Part 2

Hey Aspirers here is part two of the Christmas tag. If you haven't read part one check out my last post here.  1: What is your favorite Christmas song? A: I don't have one favorite but check out Holiday Jams post of a list of all my favorites. There are also videos!  2. What is... Continue Reading →

Christmas Tag Part 1

Hey Aspirers!  I found this Christmas tag from Meg Taylor. I've never done a tag so I thought why not do one for 25 days of blogging!  1. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  A: Open gifts on Christmas Eve  2. Where do you spend Christmas?  A: With my family 3. Do you decorate before... Continue Reading →

Favorite Christmas Movies and Play

It can't be Christmas with watching your favorite movies or plays. Here are my favorites listed below in no particular order.  1. Dr. Seuss: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! 2. It's A Wonderful Life 3. The Nightmare Before Christmas 4. Home Alone 5. Richie Rich Christmas Wish 6. Christmas Carol (The Play) 7. Annabelle's Wish... Continue Reading →

Holiday Jams

Hi Aspirers! Am I the only one that prefers to listen to Christmas music only in December. I don't over play Christmas music because I don't want to get sick of hearing my favorites. Here are my top favorite Christmas songs of all time. They aren't in any particular order. Mariah Carey - All I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift Ideas

Hi Aspirers! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Below I've listed some gift ideas for your last minute shopping needs.  Visa gift cards. Instead of trying to find that perfect gift, let them buy it themselves with your money.  Gas cards. One thing people don't like paying for is gas. We all wish we... Continue Reading →

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