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Cooking with CoCo: Shopping Local + Video

Hi Aspirers,

I had the chance to check out a local produce market and I can’t believe I’m just hearing about this. It’s fabulous. You can get a $20 fill up bag AND a FREE produce. I was like a kid in the candy store. I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Here’s what I got.

My free item was the pineapple. I could of choose between that or cantaloupe. I got a lot of stuff for just $20. It’s just me eating this so I decided to chop, bag, and store in the freezer. When ever I need I just grab the amount I need and add it to my meals that I’m going to prepare. I chopped up all the vegetables besides the corn and the eggplant and for the fruit I chopped and placed in the refrigerator.

It looks like a lot but I do cook a lot. Speaking of cooking I’m actually using the eggplant I purchased for my next meal for Cooking with CoCo. I’m made eggplant sliders. I recipe I randomly created in my head. Check out the video and see how it all turned out!

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Talk soon, Courtney Renee