I Wake, I Pray, I Slay ALL DAY

Today I was literally slaying in my outfit Aspirers! I turned a basic outfit to a wow outfit by adding a pop of color. It’s spring time here in North Carolina and with my neon blazer you could tell I was ready! 

Check me out!! 

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee


Golden Globe Red Carpet 2017 

Here’s a fashion recap of the celebrities at this year’s Golden Globe Awards and they looked AMAZING! They are all dressed like winners. Here are some of my favorite gowns of the night. 

Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, and Emily Ratajkowski

These ladies showed the public that anyone can rock the color yellow. No matter your skin tone don’t be afraid to wear this vibrant color. 

Oh my goodness ladies you’re blinding all of us! They decided to bring the metallic and sparkle with them from New Year’s Eve 2016 into 2017. You can’t say you didn’t see them walking down the red carpet because they are looking to be seen. 

It’s still the middle of winter but these ladies are ready for spring with their floral gowns. These colorful outfits are making me wish it was 80 degrees outside here in North Carolina instead of 20 degrees. 

Lastly I wanted to share with you all my favorite gowns of the night. Trace, Olivia, and Christine you go ladies! These gowns were made for you all. 

What did you think about the fashion on the Golden Globe’s red carpet? Who were your favorites? Who didn’t make your list? Comment down below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Why not pay less and get more! 

Hi Aspirers a sad thing happen to me recently and I have to share this with you all. My favorite black heels started falling apart! I had that one pair for years. Being a shoeaholic I had to get a new pair ASAP! Every girl needs that one pair you can wear with anything and everything. Since I shop on a budget I was on the hunt for a new pair for a great price. I love fashion but I’m not into the labels. If it’s cute, it’s cute no matter who designed it. 

I found these lovelies at Payless! Originally the shoes were $39.99 but Payless had sale. Went from $39.99 to $29.99 then I had a $10 coupon that was sent to me by my mom which changed the price to $19.99 then I had a $3.00 coupon so after tax I only spent $18.00. Yeah I said it $18.00! Not bad at all. Next time you need a new pair check out Payless or any of your local stores. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Grammy’s 2016: Best, Worst, Confused, and Galaxy

Hey Aspirers!

Last night was the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. The Grammy’s are where all the stars come together under one roof to see who out performed who. Some viewers watching wanted to see the live performances, others to see who won, but for me I wanted to see the fashion on the red carpet. This post is mainly my option. You can love it, hate it, or remain neutral but either way leave a comment on your thoughts of my post or the show itself.

First up black. The color black kept popping up and these six celebs stood out to me with their “little black dress”. Who do you think wore it better? (Hoover over picture to get the names of the celebs.)

My favorites are Adele and Jasmine. I love the high waist silhouette on their figures. They look very classy. Adele had just enough sparkle and Jasmine had just enough lace. Can I please have these dresses? Email me ladies for my address lol.

The worst in my option are Elle and Tove Lo. Don’t get me wrong I love, love lace but Tove Lo outfit looks like she forgot her shirt and placed lace over her bra. Then decided to add skirt underneath to throw in a layer effect but it’s not working. Elle I would of loved your dress if those feathers/fur wasn’t dangling. It looks like someone just ripped your skirt to place a split there and added some feathers to cover the mistake.

The confuse looks goes to Megan and Demi because I don’t know if they are going to an interview with that blazer style top and that 80s style construction. Black is suppose to be flattering but Megan that dress is making your upper half look larger with those shoulder pads. Demi the blazer/dress combo is cutting your hips funny. Ladies you two have great figures so don’t hide it next time.


Next we have Taylor Swift and Ciara. You two are on my confused dress list. From the side Taylor I love the pop of color, and Ciara I like the drape look but from the front view Taylor and from the side view Ciara your outfits looks like you two are going to the beach afterward. I know the Grammy’s were in LA but not at the beach. Taylor’s skirt looks like a high waist bikini bottom with a bottom’s cover up. Ciara your beach cover up is missing one side. To add ladies you were probably trying to show off those killer legs of yours. Trust me I understand I love my legs as well but the Grammy’s might not be the best place to show off your underwear.


The galaxy award goes to Florence Welch and Lady Gaga. I did say in the beginning the Grammy’s are where stars come together and they wanted to make sure they were apart of the constellation. Maybe there’s another Hunger Games coming out called “Hunger Games the Games Aren’t Over” and they are auditioning to replace Effie’s role. Hopefully we’ll find out soon. Anyway these two aren’t afraid to be different as you can tell by these outfits but I don’t think they will be on the top of most people’s best dress list.

Hope you all enjoyed my opinion on this years Grammy fashion. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts or tell me who you think were the best, worst, confused, and galaxy dress celebs. Share if you like. To anyone reading this post there are no harsh feelings towards any of these celebs because I love them all.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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#lookbookMonday: Men Holiday Outfit Idea

Ladies can’t have all the fun at holiday parties. Guys check out the outfit I put together for you. 

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Holiday Party Ideas

What happens in December besides cold weather, Black Friday, long retail hours, last minute gift ideas, wondering what your New Years resolution will be, and spending time with your love ones? Holiday parties DUH! Here are two outfits that will make people turn heads when you walk through the door. 

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 Look #1

  Where to find this look or get other ideas:  

Look #2

Where to find this look or get other ideas:  

#LookbookMonday:Burnt Orange

Ladies the weather is changing but we still need to look good. Check out the outfit I put together. You could also pair the tunic with leggings in you want a comfy option. 

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