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Shoe Trends for Spring 2018

Hey Aspirers! If you follow me on all my social media the one thing you should know about me by now is my love shoes because I post a lot on my Instagram story (@_cocorenee) and Snapchat (@bajancoco). Recently I came across Purcado a shoe search engine where you can search, compare, and SAVE! Let me tell you I love balling on a budget. Why pay more when you don’t need to!

With all the new fashion trends you’ll need to know what shoes to wear and where to buy them. You can’t have an amazing outfit without rocking something amazing on your feet too! As you will see these shoe trends have been around for awhile but recently they’ll caught the eye of a much larger demographic. Everyone wants to add these to their wardrobe. Here are some of the shoes trends you’ll see for the Spring and where you find them without breaking the bank.

1. Dad Shoes isn’t just for your dad and F8FB4D5D-B8C7-4B67-94C1-F18F3C5F95FEgrandad anymore. So no more “what are those” jokes to your dad when you two are wearing the same shoes now. These go to shoes for dads made it into the closet for almost everyone this spring. One brand that have become really popular again are New Balances and they aren’t being worn to just go running anymore they are now considered fashionable. Wearing theses are a great way to dress down a outfit or you can them to “look” like you’re athletic.

(Image: New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi Running Sneak, Macy’s starting price $29.98)

ABDE8C9A-6B06-42DA-A31B-D8229CAE4EAA2. Western Boots have been around longer than anyone can remember. When we think of western style our first thought is country but not anymore! Western boots have been popping up in high fashion magazines, runways, and now in a lot of our fast fashion retailers. You’re not just seeing these shoes worn with daisy dukes and bell bottoms anymore. Designers have been using the western boot style for inspiration to make the western boot look not so western; so when you wear them you won’t feel like you’re about to step into the Wild West when your walking down the street.

(Images: Top – American Rag Dolly Cowboy Ankle Bootie, Macy’s starting at $34.73. Bottom – SOLE Eliza Boots, Soletrader $47.41.)

C9CB8388-719D-4E5F-B7A0-E85519EBCC7C3. Block Heels are EVERYWHERE! Take your basic sandal and elevate it with a
little square heel. The heel you can stand in for hours. This style isn’t only cute but it benefits those that need a little arch support. It’s great for those that can’t wear the higher heels but still want a little lift. Wear block heels with your dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. Switch that flat with this super trendy shoe.

(Image: City Classified Block Black Heeled Sandals, Tillys $22.99)

The shoes I’ve shown are just a few from Purcado website you have to go Purcado to check out more options. These are my favorite shoe trends for the Spring but which shoe trend are you loving that I didn’t mention? Out of these 3 trends which ones are your favorite? Which one are you wanting to step out of your comfort zone and buy? Let me know below. If you haven’t followed my blog yet don’t forget to hit the follow button.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

So, What’s Purcado?

Shopping online isn’t always easy. Purcado can help make your shopping woes disappear. As a price-comparison tool, Purcado’s goal is to save the average shopper time and money when searching for shoes—and they’re committed to helping you find the best deal on shoes every single day. Use Purcado’s one-of-a-kind search engine to compare prices on thousands of shoes from 65+ retailers instantly. They’ve got all of your favorite brands—like Nike, Adidas, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman and more—at prices you’ll love.

If you paid full price for shoes, you paid too much. If you shop around and shop often, you’re sure to find the same shoes at a lower price. But you don’t have the time to hop from store to store—and they get that. Purcado takes the stress out of shoe shopping by saving you time and giving you peace of mind that you scored the absolute best deal!

Not convinced? The average Purcado user saves up to 70% off retail price from all of the top brands. Why pay more for the same pair of shoes? Try Purcado out today and see why it’s the new way to shop!



Grammy’s 2016: Best, Worst, Confused, and Galaxy

Hey Aspirers!

Last night was the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. The Grammy’s are where all the stars come together under one roof to see who out performed who. Some viewers watching wanted to see the live performances, others to see who won, but for me I wanted to see the fashion on the red carpet. This post is mainly my option. You can love it, hate it, or remain neutral but either way leave a comment on your thoughts of my post or the show itself.

First up black. The color black kept popping up and these six celebs stood out to me with their “little black dress”. Who do you think wore it better? (Hoover over picture to get the names of the celebs.)

My favorites are Adele and Jasmine. I love the high waist silhouette on their figures. They look very classy. Adele had just enough sparkle and Jasmine had just enough lace. Can I please have these dresses? Email me ladies for my address lol.

The worst in my option are Elle and Tove Lo. Don’t get me wrong I love, love lace but Tove Lo outfit looks like she forgot her shirt and placed lace over her bra. Then decided to add skirt underneath to throw in a layer effect but it’s not working. Elle I would of loved your dress if those feathers/fur wasn’t dangling. It looks like someone just ripped your skirt to place a split there and added some feathers to cover the mistake.

The confuse looks goes to Megan and Demi because I don’t know if they are going to an interview with that blazer style top and that 80s style construction. Black is suppose to be flattering but Megan that dress is making your upper half look larger with those shoulder pads. Demi the blazer/dress combo is cutting your hips funny. Ladies you two have great figures so don’t hide it next time.


Next we have Taylor Swift and Ciara. You two are on my confused dress list. From the side Taylor I love the pop of color, and Ciara I like the drape look but from the front view Taylor and from the side view Ciara your outfits looks like you two are going to the beach afterward. I know the Grammy’s were in LA but not at the beach. Taylor’s skirt looks like a high waist bikini bottom with a bottom’s cover up. Ciara your beach cover up is missing one side. To add ladies you were probably trying to show off those killer legs of yours. Trust me I understand I love my legs as well but the Grammy’s might not be the best place to show off your underwear.


The galaxy award goes to Florence Welch and Lady Gaga. I did say in the beginning the Grammy’s are where stars come together and they wanted to make sure they were apart of the constellation. Maybe there’s another Hunger Games coming out called “Hunger Games the Games Aren’t Over” and they are auditioning to replace Effie’s role. Hopefully we’ll find out soon. Anyway these two aren’t afraid to be different as you can tell by these outfits but I don’t think they will be on the top of most people’s best dress list.

Hope you all enjoyed my opinion on this years Grammy fashion. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts or tell me who you think were the best, worst, confused, and galaxy dress celebs. Share if you like. To anyone reading this post there are no harsh feelings towards any of these celebs because I love them all.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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#lookbookMonday: Men Holiday Outfit Idea

Ladies can’t have all the fun at holiday parties. Guys check out the outfit I put together for you. 

If you’re interested in more ideas for outfits or want to buy some of these pieces click on the links below the picture. If you can see yourself or someone you know wearing this outfit don’t forget to like this post. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee  


Holiday Party Ideas

What happens in December besides cold weather, Black Friday, long retail hours, last minute gift ideas, wondering what your New Years resolution will be, and spending time with your love ones? Holiday parties DUH! Here are two outfits that will make people turn heads when you walk through the door. 

After you checked out these looks leave a comment below on which look is your favorite or like the post if you can’t decide. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

 Look #1

  Where to find this look or get other ideas:  

Look #2

Where to find this look or get other ideas:  

#LookbookMonday:Burnt Orange

Ladies the weather is changing but we still need to look good. Check out the outfit I put together. You could also pair the tunic with leggings in you want a comfy option. 

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee 

Photoshoot with By S Benson

A few weeks ago I was casted to be in a photoshoot for By S Benson. I worked with her briefly for a fashion show when I was in college. She create pieces for ALL sizes. Yes I mean ALL. The picture below are a few of my favorite photos from that night and my favorite over piece. 

Check out By S Benson collection here. These pieces would be great for any woman’s wardrobe. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee


This fashionably working women is rocking her Celine bag and matching shoes. What a great way to end her day by snapping a quick picture showing everyone that you can run a company and be stylish at the same time! 

picture credit: my sister S Renee Chisolm

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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Blazing It Up For Spring

Spring time is slowly approaching here in North Carolina. Where the weather is not too hot and not too cold but you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear. One thing we all should have in our wardrobe is a blazer. A blazer is a great way to dress an outfit up and tone an outfit down. It’s also a great layering piece just in case the weather drops a little bit at night. Guys don’t think blazers are only for women, you can rock a fly sports coat and go anywhere in style too. 

Where to find blazers without breaking your pockets? 

  • Thrift store 
  • Forever 21 or H&M 
  • Your parents closets
  • Department stores

All of my blazers except for one came from a thrift store. I paid only $4.99 for the pink blazer above. Of course I have more blazers than what’s in the picture above but I wanted to show you some examples on how you can turn an outfit into something else in a matter of seconds. First picture on the left I turn a casual romper into an evening outfit with your boo. The middle picture I turn a basic black tee and royal blue pants into a night out with the girls. For the last picture on the right under that blazer is a sexy backless dress but you wouldn’t know it unless I told you and I turn it into a dress you can wear to work. It’s even knee length approved. 

Sometimes you don’t have to buy a whole outfit, all you need is great pieces to mix and match in your wardrobe. It’s much cheaper just to add a few pieces here and there verse two to three head to toe looks. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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