#favFriday: New Makeup!

Recently I’ve done a little makeup shopping and look what I bought for under $10!

(Left to right)

Elf mist & set spray

  • I’ve never used a mist & spray and saw a lot of Youtubers using it. I found out I really like what it does to my face. My skin is naturally oily and this help calm my oily skin. 

Elf waterproof eyeliner pen

  • I’ve tried liners like this in the past and it never work. The only reason I wanted to try again because it was $1 and it worked! Next time I’ll get black instead of dark brown. I prefer that color around my eyes. 

Black Radiance liquid foundation

  • I’ve used MAC but I didn’t want to  spend MAC money. Then I’ve been using Black Radiance BB cream and loved it. Rencently I’ve been looking for a little more coverage. Only thing negative I have to say is the color choices it’s constant with with other BB, press powder, etc. So it’s hard to figure out your perfect match. 

Black Radiance True Complextion face primer

  • I’ve used primer for my eyes but never for my face. Again I’ve seen fellow Youtubers use primer so I figured I should give it a try. Using the primer and the mist spray I see a difference in keeping my makeup looking good all day. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s favFriday. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

What’s In Your Planner Part 2

Sorry for not having an #ootdMonday for you guys but I wasn’t feeling good but I’m feeling much better! I’ve decided to do a video from my last post from #favFriday. I hope you enjoy!

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: What’s in your planner? 

After graduating high school or college it’s time to get serious about your future. We all have ideas on where we see ourselves short term and/or long term. Can we get there and be secure without money? If you can live an exciting and fulfilled lifestyle without spending money let me know if not check out how I’m planning. 

First thing I started doing recently is writing out my bills and how much I want to save each pay week. For the past few months my notes have been getting pretty messy so I decided to get a planner. 

$4.96 at Wal-Mart

I needed something bigger so I can physically see what I’m doing on what days. I decided to plan out 6 months ahead. If something comes up unexpected I’ve already been saving so I’ll have enough to cover the cost. I didn’t plan out more since I know my bills are steady. 

Next I filled out my planner on when bills are due and color coded them.  Coloring coding makes it easier to focus on what you’re trying to do with your money. 

 Everything that is highlighted in the same color as my paycheck will be payed off with that check. I’m not touching my savings on bills. After I pay my bills I put a portion of the rest in savings. I even have a savings column.  

How do I know how much to save each paycheck? I’m glad you ask. I calculate how much money I’ll need for gas, food, and activities in between pay periods then put the rest aside. 

What else do I use my planner for? I use it to set dates for future plans like trips. That’s why it’s important to plan in advance instead of waiting until the week before you need to pay for flights and hotels.  

 Since I’m using my planner as a savings tool one thing I don’t put in my planner is my account balances or account numbers just in case I lose it some where. I put that information in a secure location. 
I hope this week’s #favFriday was helpful. If you all have a planner have you thought about using it as a savings tool? Comment below. 

Sincerley, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: Rings

One thing I can’t leave my house without is my ring. I have to have a ring on or I’ll feel lost all day. My hand feels empty and I can’t stop looking down. I’ve had my favorite ring for about 12 years now. That’s half my of life wearing this ring. 

I’m a simple jewelry wearer in the day but step it up at night. Here are some of my rings: 


Avon: Sterling silver. 12 years and counting.


This use to be my mom’s ring.


Ruby. My birthstone. Purchased from a local boutique.


Francesca’s: Gold midi rings.


Francesca’s: Gold midi rings.


Papaya: Gold rings and midi rings.

My midi rings are usually my going out rings because I would probably lose them at work. Do any of you wear midi rings? Where did you get yours? Like and leave your comments below.

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: Shades 

Who doesn’t wear shades? If you don’t enjoy the eye squinting by yourself. Recently I’ve been buying a new pair of shades every two weeks and planning on buying more. I don’t know why because I already have a couple pairs I love. I work at Buckle and these shades are only cost $13! Shades are the perfect accessories. My favorite sunglasses style is the cat eye glasses probably because I love the 1950s. If you didn’t know you didn’t ready my last #favfriday post. Click HERE to read about it. 

Here are my new pairs and by the end of today I’ll be purchasing a new pair lol. 


Are you a shade fanatic too? Comment below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: Fashion Era

I love fashion and I consider my style classic but sheek. Don’t get me wrong I like other styles too as you can see in my #ootdMondays but I always go back to that classic look. 

My favorite fashion era is the 1950s where you’ll find high waistlines, a-line dresses, furs, and when Coco Chanel became an adjective in her own time but we can’t forget the men with their lovely suits! I can just melt when I see a man in a nice suit!  

We all know fashion recycles itself and a lot of these same fashions came from the 1920 too. I remember an old picture from the 1950s of my great grandmother in Jersey City in her high waisted a-line skirt and all I can think was she looked fabulous. The style was so simple but elegant and graceful at the same time. I wonder in the future what would the 2000 fashion era be known for? 

If you are interested in this style you should check out Modcloth. Vintage style without going to the thrift store or through your great grandparents closet like I did. Check out this fur coat from my great grandmother.  

How can you not love this era? Where women can feel girly and men can feel masculine and stylish. 

What’s your favorite fashion era? Comment below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Credit: 1950 Fashion

Photos: Taken myself and Google search

Update: How to get rid of…..

I told you I was going to update you all on my results for using my remedy to get rid or minimize the look of pimples. If you haven’t read my last post about my remedy just check it out #favFriday: How to get rid of……

Check it out my results! 

 Have any of you tried my remedy out yet? Let me know! 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: How to get rid of…


Hey everyone!!! This #favFriday continues my talk with you all about skin care. My focus today is to help you get rid of pimples FAST! We all get those pop up pimples especially when a special event is about to happen. I want to share with you how I’ve been getting rid of mine fast. This remedy isn’t a permeant fix to cure your ance problem, it’s to help with those few random pimples. So you still need to continue to use your regular face wash method.

Here are the two things I use for my pimple remedy:   Clinique exfoliating scrub and toothpaste. Yes you read it right. It’s toothpaste. 

I started using toothpaste years ago after I watched an episode of “The Brothers Garcia”(1999) when the daughter got her first pimple and her mom said put toothpaste on it and it worked for her so I tried it. Lol. 

The active ingredients in toothpaste to help dry out pimples are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and triclosen which is in the white part of the toothpaste. For more help on picking which toothpaste to use check out this link. The reason why I decided to add an exfoliating scrub because the scrub helps to open up my pores and I wanted the active ingredients to work on my pimples faster. I don’t think you have to use the Clinique brand but I already owned it. 

How to apply my remedy: 

First massage to exfoliating scrub onto the area.   

Then massage the toothpaste afterwards.  

Once applied you will feel a cool tingling sensation. That means it’s working! I usually keep it on for an hour more depending on how much time I have. It takes about 2-3 days to clear up depending how bad your acne is. 

All you need is warm water to massage it off and a towel dry. Here’s a before and after of using my remedy. 

This is after having my remedy on for an hour an a half and you can already see a difference. So tomorrow I’ll be applying it on my face again. The only time I breakout like this is my time of the month. It’s my mission to get rid of these pimples so that’s why I do this monthly.

So why don’t I just use the acne products that get rid of pimples fast such as Clean & Clear? Other products like that doesn’t work for me and I was tired of wasting money so I just kept using toothpaste. It’s not like I’m going out of my way to buy these products. I’ve already been using Clinique and I need toothpaste to brush my teeth so I’ll always have these products on hand. 

I’ll continue to update you all so you can see the final results. Until then I’ll like to know what home remedies you use at home to clear up your pop up pimples. Comment below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: Clinique 

 My sister introduced me to Clinique when I was in high school and I’ve been loving it ever since. I’m not going to lie to you I’ve tried other products because Clinique can get a little expensive but then I realize I want to take of my skin so I need to stop shopping around for cheaper products. The other products never worked for me so I was just wasting money. 

Below I’ve listed my Clinique collection.

  1. Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer $47
  2. Face Bar Soap $14
  3. Exfoliating Scrub $20
  4. Even Better Skin Tone Correction Lotion with SPF 20 (mini kit) $15
  5. Even Better Dark Spot Correction Hand Cream with SPF 15 (mini kit) $15
  6.  Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion plus Èmulsion Hydration $26 
  7. Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser Mousse $20
  8. Lash Building Primer/Lash Doubling Mascara $15 and $16.50. Clinique no longer sells the combo together it’s sold separately. 

All together everything comes to $173.50 but it’s worth it. When you first purchase Cliqinue skin care you can get the 3 step which Cliqinue normally have a deal going on but when you start running out of products and you have to start purchasing them individually it will add up. 

Once you start using some of these products you’ll start thinking why in the world didn’t I use this sooner. For me a moisturizer save my skin. My skin feels really soft and healthy. My favorite product is number 4 on my list. This dark spot corrector works FAST!!!! My skin is really sensative so I get a lot of acne scars so when I purchased a sample in a kit with this corrector inside a few months back I fell in love. You only need a dot. Anyway I can go on and on about all these products. If you haven’t tried Clinique I hope you’ll try it out now. 

Now I’ll like to know what’s your favorite skin care line. If you don’t have favorite are you willing to give Clinique a try? Comment below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: Organic Coconut Oil

I’ve been using this product for a few months now and I absolutely love it! The reason why I wanted to try organic coconut oil because my hair is natural (which means I stop using chemicals to alter my hair from being chemically straight.) and I really don’t want to use any harsh chemicals in my hair. I use to use Softee Coconut Oil from Sally’s and I thought that was fine until I checked the ingredients so I looked for other options. 

Where would you find Organic Coconut Oil? The baking aisle in the grocery store of course! I purchased mind from Aldi for $4.99. One jar of the organic coconut oil fills 4 1/2 jars of the softee coconut oil! 

Other than using organic coconut oil for your hair here are some other uses for the product: 

  • Lotion (which I love because you do have to reapply during the day)
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Lip balm
  • Replacement for vegetable oil
  • Coffee flavoring
  • Natural bug spray 
  • Massage oil
  • Remove ear wax
  • Reduce blemishes (I need that) 
  • Eczema soother

Those are just a few check out Dr.Oz for 89 more uses for coconut oil. My softee coconut couldn’t be used for all of that! I checked out that link and I was shocked to see how many ways I can use this one product. $4.99 well spent! 

So have you ever used organic coconut oil before? If so what did you use the product for? Leave your answers in the comment section below. 

I hope you like this week’s #favFriday. Keep a look out for new posts weekly. Follow if you haven’t already! 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee