Loveless Series: Two is better than one

If having two brains is better than one, then why is it so hard to figure that out in a relationship. You two were once two individuals and one day you two found each other and created a bond. To hold that bond each of you have to be equal and want to be equal.... Continue Reading →

Loveless Series: What is good timing?

Hi Aspirers!  From my last post for the Loveless Series I spoke about pressure to be in a relationship or move forward in a relationship. In this post I want to talk about timing. I have one question to ask first. What is good timing? You want that guy to ask you to be his... Continue Reading →

Loveless Series: Pressure

Hi Aspirers! Why is it that people feel the need to hook people up? I'm not saying I haven't done it but when I do I feel like being a matchmaker, I feel like the other person is a good match not just people they are there.  I don't know if it's just me or are you feeling the pressure... Continue Reading →

Loveless Series: Maybe…

Hi Aspirers! Growing up we probably heard this word used by our parents or guardians when we're asking for something. We would cross our fingers hoping it'll go our way. Tend on lending on that term and planning on not getting a no. The word I'm referring to is maybe. What happens when we're use to... Continue Reading →

Pressure On Him (Waiting)

Hi Aspirers! I can say I'm little old fashion when it comes dating....well to an extent. I like to be courted. Sometimes I don't allow a guy to court me because I've been single for so long I just generally do certain things myself. By me doing it myself leaving the guy comfortable for not... Continue Reading →

Preparing Him For Her

Hi Aspirers! Hopefully you read "Trusting God & Wondering If Love Is A Part Of My Timeline" because this is the continuation. If you haven't read the post go read it now! Let's get into it. One statement from the previous post I wrote was "Is love suppose to be in my life or is my purpose... Continue Reading →

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