#wwydWednesday: How to stay motivated 

Have you ever been in a funk where you’re just feeling down? You want to do something but you let the time past you by. What do you do? How can you over come it? Well I thought of some tips that could help. 

Tip 1#

Find out what’s wrong. 

  • Are you depressed? 
  • Does it feel like you hit rock bottom? 
  • Are you comparing yourself to other people’s success? 


If you are depressed or think that you are SEEK HELP! Don’t be afraid to go to a family member, friend, or a counselor. 

No, I’ve never been depressed but I’ve seen people go through it. Someone could have everything going great for them but still be depressed. Depression is a disease and it must be treated. It’s not a 24 hour cure or a 7 step program. It’ll take time.

If you’re scared to talk to someone there are anynomous hotlines such as DBSA. To get out of depression you must seek help or if someone you know have depression help them. They need to know they aren’t alone. 

Rock Bottom

Have you hit rock bottom? Well there’s an upside to that because you can’t go down any further. 

For me I’m a planner and like to write things down so if something unexpected comes up I sometimes can’t handle it especially if it has to do with money. For me money isn’t everything but it will get you out of situations when you need to like finding a new place to live or paying bills. For others it could be family, relationship, work, or school problems. Which can be an easy fix sometimes. 

We all have to go through difficult times. We all have different solutions on how to succeed. One thing that helps me is finding something that is positive. It could be a quote, poem, song, speech, a person, or whatever. Go to what is positive every time you hit rock bottom to remind yourself THIS ISN’T IT! Remind yourself until you believe it. 

Comparing Yourself

Say this out loud. 

My name is (insert first and last name). I’m not Beyoncé, a Kardashian, Kanye, or the Queen of England so why should I compare myself to them. We aren’t the same. We don’t have the same up bringing. I don’t even look like them. 

Repeat if you need to.

We put so much pressure on ourselves. We are here to do our own great act. We might not have found it yet but it’s coming. Keep looking and comparing yourself to others and you’ll miss your opportunity to shine. 

Once we stop comparing ourselves it’ll be easier for us to focus on what’s important which is ourselves. 

One big tip I want you to get out of this post is loving ourselves. We are our biggest victory but we can also be our biggest downfall. 

I hope these tips help. If so don’t forget to like this post and share it with someone you know. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydwednesday: Favorite Quotes from Mindshift

If you haven’t watched Mindshift from my last #wwydwednesday go watch it before reading this. Click here

There’s greatness in you and you have to learn how to tune out the critics outside and the critic inside. -Mindshift

We can become our worst critics. We tell ourselves we can’t do it or stop because we failed once or maybe a few times. Everyone failed at something at some point in time. Before we can achieve greatness we must see failure. 

People are rewarded in public for what they practiced for years in private. -Mindshift 

People on the outside only see what is happening now. They weren’t there when you gave up 50 times, told yourself it can’t be done, and fell down to only crawl to the next step. It takes time. With time success will happen but only when you’re pushing yourself. 

Most of us go through life with our brakes on, holding back. Decide to push yourself forward. You got to focus on you. -Mindshift

When you focus on yourself and what needs to be done, it will be done. 

You got to learn how to be resourceful, you got to learn how to be creative. -Mindshift

You have to rely on yourself sometimes. Stop waiting for a hand to lead you. You have to lead yourself. Once you do that, you’ll be AMAZING! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my favorite quotes from the video and my thoughts about it. I have to constantly stop criticizing myself when I’m struggling with something. When it’s the right time and I’m ready, I mean really ready; it will happen. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Mindshift 

This past Monday I went to my weekly leader meeting and my manager showed us a video called “Mindshift.” She was introduced to this video when she went away to her annual holiday manager meetings. She told us this video will blow you away and you might cry so be prepared. If you know me personally I find a meaning to everything and apply it to life. The video was so good I couldn’t wait to share it today so I forward it to a few friends I thought would need a pick me up and get them pump on their goals. 

Below I attached “Mindshift” for you all to watch. This video related to me both professionally and personally. If you read “The meaning behind my blog’s name” you’ll have an idea of why this video relates to me and my blog. If you haven’t read that post click on the link to check it out. 

If you’re ever doubting yourself or if you’re afraid to be judge, you must watch this. After you watch this video comment below on what stuck out to you. 

Next week for #wwdywednesday I will post what I got from “Mindshift”. I don’t want to spoil the video with my favorite quotes before you get the chance watch this video. 

Enjoy and leave your comments below or email me here if you want to remain private. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Getting away from your norm. 

Hello Aspirers! 

How comfortable are you to change? Are you excited? Are you scared? Maybe a little bit of both. Growing up and going to school we are put into situations of always being put into groups and sharing with others. When that day comes when you have to enter the real world you have to step out and find your footing in where you belong. For that to happen you have to step away from everyone and think of yourself because you are becoming the leader of your life. If you’re so nervous to step out how do you expect to succeed if you continue follow. If you’re constantly following a group are you focusing on what you want or what they want.

“Groups” could be friends, coworkers, and family members. Groups are great for guidance and help but if you are constantly doing just what they want are you truely happy. Your path might not be a doctor or lawyer. You might not want to join an organization you’re a family legacy for. You might not want to go to college and join the military. Guess what it’s okay. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydwednesday: self-love

This quote speaks volumes! 

I think the most important thing in life is self-love, because if you don’t have self-love, and respect for everything about your own body, your own soul, your own capsule, then how can you have an authentic relationship with anyone else? 

-Shailene Woodley

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydwednesday: Respect in the workplace

Respect now is hard to come by and I don’t understand why. Are people not learning manners at home? Are people taking what they see in the media seriously? Do they feel worthless so they are bring people around them down too?

This topic is important especially at work because those are the hours we need to take things seriously. Making money isn’t something to joke about. If I was the boss for some of the places I’ve worked at more than half the people would be fired. I don’t know if I have an old soul or if I genuinely want to be kind but maybe it’s a little bit of both. When you step into a work environment you should leave your issues at the door. Don’t bring your issues in and cause problems. When I come into work I’m expecting a fun day because I want to enjoy my job. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their job? If you have to work with people with bad attitudes or can’t respect you why should you feel uncomfortable and walk on egg shells around them. I’m currently in a situation where I don’t know how to address someone without being rude myself because they choose to be up and down with their attitude. It’s hard to address someone in a way without being the bad guy espiecally if you’re in a leadership position. Honestly it’s an excuse when I hear this person is young they don’t know better or they don’t do it around me. When you aren’t the manager it’s certain things you can and cannot say. I’ve came to terms knowing people aren’t like me but when are in the same workplace we have the same goal which is make money. So why is it so hard to respect the team you’re on and make that money? 

If you were wondering this post is also a ranting session for me but if I’m going through this maybe someone is to. Are you having these types of issues in your workplace? How do you handle it? Leave comments below.  

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Be a leader not a dictator 

Let’s be honest who likes groups projects? Probably not a lot of us and the only people that benefits from group projects are slackers. The person taking care of the slack will be the person in charge.

So, who decides which person(s) is in charge? Is it the person that speaks up the most, the person people like the most, or is it the person that gives the orders?

Which one would you rather have as a leader?

In my opinion I like a little bit of all three. A leader has to be willing to speak up and take on challenges. A leader has to be respected by the team. A leader has to also delegate tasks but most important a leader has to be a good listener and a team player. Without that a dictator is born because they think it’s their way or no way at all. With that attitude people won’t respect you because they can’t express their ideas or step up to the plate.

Have you been in a situation at school or in a workplace where you had no room to grow or show of your creativity? I have and that’s why I learned how to speak up but also become a team player. Everyone isn’t the leader of the group there are followers but we shouldn’t throw away their ideas or what they have to offer. Being a leader we have to learn how to balance the needs for the project and the needs for the team. If not a lot of issues will occur.

My question to you do you consider yourself a leader or a dictator? What can you do to become a better leader?

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Be around like minded people

Is there a way for us to really succeed in life if we are only around people of the opposite mindset as us. Can a politician really make it into politics without knowing or befriending people in office? Can a doctor become a doctor without being close to other doctors? Can singers become famous without being around creative musical minds? If not then why do some of us think it’s cool to hang with the same crowd and expect change? Are we afraid to step out on our own? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid if you’re group will still like you? If you’re so called group isn’t backing you up on being successful and having a positive life then are they really your so called group. As you move up you’ll bring people into your circle and unfortunately kick others out. It’s hard to do it but sometimes we have to think of the bigger picture and do the things that make you happy.

Answer this are you around like minded people?

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Bloom where you are planted.


In other words take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Good things doesn’t reveal themselves right away. Turn the difficult situations into endless opportunities. Take the time to “smell the roses”. Take the time to enjoy life. Take the time to be with your family. Also take the time to grow. Sometimes we grow from being in bad situations. It’s not always greener on the other side useless you do something about it. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s #wwydWednesday. Like this post if you want to take advantage of the endless possibilities coming your way! 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

P.S. wwyd stands for What Would You Do. Just in case you missed the post about it.