Ha-Ha for the holidays

Hi Aspirers!

Tis the season to share and I wanted to share with you a ha-ha moment in my life for the holidays. When I was younger and my sister came in to town for the holidays. I had to be younger that 10. She was in her early 20s. She brought in one of her friends to town from college and we were at the dinner table. For some reason it was either her or I brought up her past boyfriends. All of a sudden I started rambling all the boys she had dated at the table. Her face was in shock because she had no clue how I would of remembered all those names. It was really embarrassing to her because it was at the dinner table. LOL

Do any of you have any ha-ha moments for the holidays? Comment below.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Who said blogging isn’t hard work? 

Most people probably have no idea what bloggers have to do to run a blog and keep the their readers interested. Today I sat down and wrote out all the social media sites and network platforms I am a part of and I realized that’s why I get overwhelmed sometimes. 

Here is all of my social media and blog networks: 

  • WordPress (DUH)
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram (personal @_cocorenee)  
  • Instagram (@aspire_oneself)
  • Bloglovin
  • Tumblr


  • TriFabb
  • BLMgirls
  • EtailPR 

Once my laptop gets fix AGAIN I want to start back on my YouTube channel for my blog. You know what’s crazy this isn’t all the sites bloggers use. 

Bloggers and Vloggers aren’t lying when we say it takes hard, long hours over time before we see success. Before you decided to become a blogger or vlogger make sure it’s something you are really interested about it not for the hype. Behind a great blog/vlog is a writer, copywriter, PR, marketer, publicist, content creator, director, photographer, videographer, etc. When starting out all those roles are run by The blog creator. 

Aspire Oneself blog started out as a hobby that turned into a lot of hard work but I love it! I self taught myself how to do so many things and I wouldn’t have learned it if I didn’t start Aspire Oneself blog. 

I hope you continue reading my blog because there is A LOT coming for #aspireoneself2016 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Also, fellow bloggers/Vloggers let me know what social media apps and networks you are a part of. Comment below or send me a message here