Recap of the Southern Women’s Show – Raleigh, NC

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My 3rd goal for 2018

Distractions hiders you from moving forward. You want to reach for the stars you have to put on your tunnel vision shades on and GO!

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New Year’s Eve Vlog

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Spotlight Interview with Chisa Pennix-Brown


Chisa Pennix-Brown has over 14 years of experience in business coaching, community outreach, and social media insight, Chisa Pennix-Brown has transformed savoir faire and a long-time vision of helping her peers, into Lady Bizness, an organization committed to fostering healthy relationships, business opportunities, and providing events for Entrepreneurs in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad community. Since I’ve known Chisa I’ve thought of her as a master of all trades because she did so much. Now author has been added to her title with a book called “90 Day Focus” which is your action plan for success, a book that helps to transform your mindset towards prioritization and goal setting to help you complete your passion project. While starting this book two years ago Chisa had some struggle she had to overcome, which she had to change her mindset and get through the negativity in her life. While reading this book know that these same actions that will help you through success helped Chisa too.

I’ve had the pleasure to interview Chisa and talk about her success and her book. To find out what she had to say and get some tips on how you can be successful continue reading.

Q: What is your definition to success?

A: Success is what YOU make it. It can be something financial. For me the biggest thing is comfort. Are you comfortable? There are a lot of people who are rich but they are not comfortable. To me comfortable is better than making a lot of money. There is always going to be different levels of comfort but being comfortable with yourself and stop worrying about what everyone else has to say about you.

Q: Do you feel like you’ve reached success?

A: I’ve reached a certain level of success but there are other things that I want to do. Back to the book “90 Day Focus” the purpose of it is to continue to set goals for yourself so you’ll have something else to obtain. From 2014 when I started writing this book until now I’ve seen tremendous growth in myself and in relationships. I feel like there are certain levels of success I have reached but I still want more things.

Q: We are humans we all want more. In certain ways everyone wants to become successful do you feel that also it’s a combination of greed as well? How can you be successful and not greedy? How to stay humble?

A: My book will explain this but you have to give up something to get something. For example it’s a party I want to go to Friday night and I know I have to get up Saturday morning because I have a class to teach. If I go to that party I won’t be as effective as I need to be for the next day. I have to make grown up decision. This same concept can be used in relationships, saving money, and running a business. I don’t think is greedy but I do have a philosophy of being selfish but I have to do the best for myself so I can be successful. You have to look and evaluate on what you need versus what you want.

Chisa’s book came out in March of this year and she decided not to do a book tour because she felt like that was what everyone else was doing. “If I’m not a big celebrity so I can’t say I have a book and everyone is going to buy it. I knew people were going to buy this book of two reasons (1) they already knew me and (2) I had to give them reasons why they wanted my book. Before the book was out I had things set in motion like having workshops. I’m planning on having a book signing August 18th at the Greensboro Public Library from 6pm-8pm. I’ve done one in High Point, Charlotte, and Raleigh, NC”.


Q: Will there be a part two of this book?

A: Not a part two but I am planning on doing this as a series. I recognize there are different areas in life for this book. This is an action book to success so this book is for anyone. Other books will be about students getting ready to get out of high school, going to college, and entering the workforce. I’m thinking about the series going to seven but for now just this one the “90 Day Focus” at least until next year.

Q: Will a podcast be in your future so you’ll be able to reach people in different areas.

A: Right now I’m using Periscope for marketing with the “90 Day Focus” and Sound Cloud for inspirational messages. I also do the 90 Day Focus Conferences every year in January and smaller conferences later in the year. The conference is a great way to start your year. Before the end of the year I will be starting webinars. What’s great when you attend my conferences and workshops the book will be included.

Q: Can someone finish the book and reach success by 90 days or can it take them longer or complete it faster?

A: This book is also a workbook. It’s about how much time it takes you to get things in order and are you going to do everything that’s inside the workbook. You could finish the book in 90 days but also from the book you might realize there are somethings you have to contemplate. If it takes you longer then it takes you longer but I have a belief in what ever goals you have you can complete at least one in 90 days. That’s what happen to me. Once you get it going you’ll have a system you can replicate and keep it going.

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Road Block

Attachment-1 (2)

This is figuratively speaking Aspirers. I’m not stuck on the side of the road some where I’ll call 911 first not write this first. What I mean by being road block is being stuck and trying to get out of a rut. First I have to figure out how to get out of my rut. Do I keep complaining, do I keep it locked inside, or call for someone to pull me out of the ditch. Sometimes it feels like everything is going as planned then the wall comes and I crash right into it. Do you ever feel that way? Why when we move 3 steps forward we fall down 2 flights of stairs. Then the voice in our head says “stop just give up, it’s not worth it” but then you realize you came so close. You continue to doubt yourself. How can you stop that little voice in head from TALKING! Those doubts are memories from your past failures, unsupportive friends and family member, or maybe you keep comparing yourself to other people that succeed. You failed to realized through all those that succeeded they failed too. When we have success we forget about failure because the success is always glorified and failure is lost some where.

What’s your road block(s). Take a minute and think about it.

Aside from your road blocks what are your successes? Before you were great at something you were either bad or had no idea what to do. Think of your road blocks as having no idea what to do. If you knew what to do you wouldn’t be stuck but you are. So how to get out?

Here are some ideas:

  • Go a different route.
    • If you continue to do the same thing then you’ll continue to get the same result.
  • Ask someone with experience.
    • They’ve been where you are. It’s okay to ask questions because their answers could give you ideas you weren’t thinking about.

My road block is my brand. I have goals of what I want Aspire Oneself to become but something is stopping me. What I’ve realize is time. I don’t give my brand enough time. The minutes I’m watching tv which isn’t a lot, I could be creating posts, revamping my image, network, and expand my styling services. To get over my road block is to one admit my faults which I have and know what is wrong which I do. The next step is to commit to changing so I can see growth and success. I see my fault is my time management my goal is schedule more and set reminders to keep me on tasks.

With my brand I hope to see you with me as I continue on my path. For you to see where I was, where I am. and where I’m going. Aspirers please continue this journey with me. On the way I hope you will see me more than just a blogger but a friend that wants to share experiences and tips to you all. If you haven’t started yet take a moment and subscribe to my blog.

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My Favorite Editing Apps! 

In my previous post “Be the best YOU!” I mentioned the phone apps I use for my Instagram and YouTube posts called Fotor and Collage. I’ve decided to screenshot a mini tutorial on how easy these apps can be.


When creating a post the words you add to your picture can’t be flat. Make your image POP. With Fotor you can change font, colors, alignment, size, opacity, and more. Here are screenshots of the text editing.

If these fonts isn’t working or your image isn’t looking right GUESS WHAT Fotor has a in app store you can purchase different fonts, collages, stickers, and more.


After you’re done adding your text you can edit the quality of the photo. I thought my picture looked blurry so I sharpened the image. After you’re done editing you can turn your image from flat to FAB! What’s great about Fotor is you can use it on your desktop for more features at



What I love about Collage is that you can create your own grid. I also use Collage when I’m creating my lookbook posts like this one here. With college you can create borders for the picture as a whole or my borders for individual pictures.


Just like Fotor you can purchase extras in Collage too!



With Collage you can create memes, edit the strength of a filter you want to use, and you can change the aspect. Changing the aspect will create the size you need for that banner, magazine, posts, and more.


Now the finish product I’ve created my own custom grid, I’ve added memes, and I changed the color of the images.


That’s how you navigate through my favorite apps. Comment below if you downloaded these apps or if you just liked this post. You’ll definitely start using these apps often!

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Be the best YOU!

Living in a generation where everyone wants to be great. Nothing is wrong with that but what is great? Is it to be the next Kardashian/Jenner and Rihanna because you know we all love to work, work, work, work, work. When was is it okay just to be a great you and work with what you have or can afford. Most of the people we fantasize to be like either came up wealthy or worked their buts off to get where they are now. What are you going to do to get yourself to the top. Are you going to copy what they did or are you going to be original and be the best you can be.

For myself I want to become the best blogger/vlogger I can be so how can I achieve that coming from the bottom and working my way up. First I have to come up with great content that hasn’t been done too much but if it has how do I edit it to make it my own. One way to make something your own is to put your personality behind it. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because you’ll come off fake and your viewers would think “oh she’s one way here but next she’s someone else”. Be genuine! Secondly your picture and video quality. I don’t have a $1000 camera, a MacBook, artificial lighting, or an extra room I can record so I have to work with what I have. One day I’ll work my way up because I don’t want to go broke all in one day for all that. Instead of a camera I use my iPhone. Yes I said it my iPhone and surprisingly the quality isn’t half bad. I’ve found apps to make photos pop.

Some of the apps I use:

  • Fotor
  • College

These apps works wonder for my Instagram posts and for YouTube. When it comes to lighting natural light can be your best friend but on those cloudy days recording isn’t an option anymore so your planning will change if the weather isn’t cooperating with you. Last tip is research because if you want to improve on something or you have no idea how to do something look it up online. Everything is online and if it isn’t guess what be the first to talk about. That’s new content right there!

I hope this helped you out on how to be a great you and not a great copycat. Figure out ways to make yourself stand out then people are going to be looking up to you and not calling you another one of those.

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YouTube for me!

If you read my last post “Building A Brand” social media was a big part on making your brand grow. I’ve decided I’m going to start a YouTube channel. I’m more of a visual learner and I know a lot of other people are too. It would not only promote me as a brand and my business, it will also be a visual aid for you too! I want to give you all a variety. My next step will be creating video content on different topics.


Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Building A Brand

Ten years ago it was harder to build a brand compared to now. Social media is one of the main reasons people and companies can grow so fast. Social media is a great way to get people’s attention without leaving your house, city, and/or state. Everyone wants great exposure for FREE and having social media accounts are FREE. YouTube became a business and a fun hobby to show people their talents. Instagram is a way to show off your photogenic side and to expand clips and pictures of what you are about.

Behind all the social media there is YOU. To make people listen and view your site or videos you will have to show them your personality and your confidence. Your viewers or followers will be able to relate to your content and you. At the end of the day people are just people no matter if they are the President of the United States or the so-called Tumblr Famous. These people portrayed themselves to attract people and made themselves likeable.

To build your brand you have to believe in what you are trying to do. If you believe it, so will others. Haven’t you seen an infomercial about people being so clumsy they had to buy a specific AS SEEN ON TV product to fix the problem. We know it’s not as extreme as how the actor portrayed the situation but how they expressed the need of the product it made the viewer wonder “WOW I think I need that.” The customer might not need the product at all but the way they showed the product made you drive to the store to purchase it.

The secret formula to build your brand is:


I know I want to have fun doing what I love.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee