Hello Guam!

Hi Aspirers! I’m currently in Guam and the plan is for me to stay here for a month. My sister offered to bring me out this way and I couldn’t say no. Who would say no to PARADISE! If you follow me on Instagram which you should be already (Instragram: _cocorenee) you would of seen pictures I’ve added to my story. Do you know what’s crazy is upon my arrive a storm was heading towards Guam. In my head I didn’t think it would be a big deal until I arrived and that storm was actually a FREAKING TYPHOON. What a great vacation so far….

Anyway I wanted to vlog my entire trip for you all. Check out my first vlog while I’m here in Guam. There are much more to come! Enjoy!

Sincerely, Courtney Renee


Hi Aspirers!

Today is July 1st! Yes I said it, July 1st. Can you believe it? This year is flying by. July is one of my favorite months of the year because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Seeing your next birthday is a blessing that we sometimes take for granted. Let’s take the time and make everyday a blessing. I wanted to celebrate my birthday a little different this year but I’ll still be accepting gifts of course. This July I want to point out all things I’m grateful for and things I’m able to do.

For the next 31 days of July I will point out at least 1 thing that I’m grateful for. I’ll be posting either on my blog or Instagram. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @_cocorenee if you haven’t already. If you want to share what you’re grateful for this July make sure to #GRATEFULFORJULY on all your social media! Can’t wait to see your posts!

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

2018 New Year, New Body

Hi Aspirers there is one thing I’m tired of and that is my weight. Guess what it’s time for a change! Yup I said it a change! When I was in college I lost about 40lbs but over time I’ve gain half of the weight back and I’m not loving it. I still fit in the same size because my weight gain was evently spread out. You know what it’s hard to lose it again. I would exercise and then stop for awhile, then start again and stop for awhile. It felt like a never ending cycle. Recently I figured out why, I was bored. I get bored so easily doing the same workouts. So I decided to create a random workout plan and hopefully it’ll challenge me to continue working out. I chose this workout method for it to be fun and random everyday that I worked out so I won’t get bored. Each time I pick a popsicle stick I won’t know the difficulty level until it’s picked. I’ll be pushing myself daily.

I’m sharing this with you all because I want you to hold me accountable and I would love for you to join in as well. Continue reading and find out my plan for a new body!!

Here’s what you’ll need:


1. Label all your ziplock bags. Label one bag REP or SETS, second bag EXERCISE, and the third bag TIME FRAME (how many seconds, minutes, or times). The markers I bought to write in the bag wasn’t working on the bags so I used paper and taped the labels on like so.

2. After you label your bags it’s time to label your popsicle sticks. For the REP or SETS popsicles I put 2, 3, 4, and 5 reps. You’ll know how many times you’ll have to repeat that one exercise.

3. For the EXERCISE sticks I put random exercises and something fun I decided to add (can you spot it lol). I’m planning on adding more don’t worry. Some of the other exercises that aren’t shown: knee crunches, planks, arm circles, flutter kicks, etc.

5. For the last bag TIME FRAME I wrote multiples of 5s and I wrote up to 50. The reason why I was specific on the time length because it’s based on how long you were planning to workout. Say if you chose to workout for an hour and you randomly selected sit-ups and 50. You then can decide if you want to do sit-ups for 50 seconds, 50 times, or 50 minutes of sit-ups. If you want a good variety of your workout doing the same thing might not be the best thing.

After you labeled your bags and your popsicle sticks it’s time to workout!

My plan is to workout 2-3 days a week for an hour. Once my strength builds up I want to add more difficult exercises so I can continue to progress. If you are trying this method you could create ziplock bags with warm up and cool down options. Make this method your own. I don’t have a personal trainer so I have to do something that’ll work.

Stay tune for updates on my progress and I’m planning on showing you a snippet of my workout. If you decide to do this method or something similar comment down below.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Be around like minded people

Is there a way for us to really succeed in life if we are only around people of the opposite mindset as us. Can a politician really make it into politics without knowing or befriending people in office? Can a doctor become a doctor without being close to other doctors? Can singers become famous without being around creative musical minds? If not then why do some of us think it’s cool to hang with the same crowd and expect change? Are we afraid to step out on our own? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid if you’re group will still like you? If you’re so called group isn’t backing you up on being successful and having a positive life then are they really your so called group. As you move up you’ll bring people into your circle and unfortunately kick others out. It’s hard to do it but sometimes we have to think of the bigger picture and do the things that make you happy.

Answer this are you around like minded people?

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Change thoughts leads to a change mind

We all heard the saying seeing the world half full instead of half empty. Being half full leads to an open mind and open to change. While half empty thinks negative and worring about the what ifs’ instead of the what could be. 

A simple thought can change our perspective. If we think negative we’ll be negative. If we think postive we’ll be positive. We want to see a good change in ourselves and the world, we have to think positive. Focus on what could be once you keep going. 

The other day I opened up to my manager and told her I feel like I’m moving backwards and I don’t see growth in my position. I felt confused and upset at myself. I’ve always set goals for myself even when I was younger so when I feel like I’m not where I think I should be I start beating myself up. That’s when she told me I’m empty minded. Yeah she said that alright! “How can you not see how far you came Courtney? I wouldn’t of gave you these responsibilies if I thought you couldn’t do it.” I did come a long way. My past jobs just gave me responsibilities because it was in my job description not because I earn the right to do them. I closed off my mind on what I didn’t have instead of focusing on what I was given. Not going to lie my family history on seeing the world half empty effects me even when I don’t want to admit it. We all are creatures of habit. Those habits can be change into postive thinking but only if we allow it. 

I’ll like to know how do you see the world? The way you are seeing the world is it effecting you positively or negatively? What made you think like that? Is it habit or did you change your way of thinking? Comment or you can contact me privitely here

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: Being Happy vs Being Content

This week’s #wwyd is a topic most of us is struggling with. It can be in our relationships, jobs, and/or life in general. I want you to be completely honest with yourself when reading this post. 

How many people would agree with this statement? When we go into work we are already thinking about getting off before we go in.  

What about this statement? I’ve been with him/her for so long they are use to what I always do. So why change it up now!

Those two statements are examples of being content. We confuse being content with being happy and it’s not that. We are just getting by and saying that’s okay. 

As kids we all had dreams of being successful and marrying the person of our dreams. As we got older we just took what came our way and stopped looking for more. Why is that? Are we scared to leave what is comfortable to us? Are we scared to try something new? I’m not saying leave your current relationship but if you want more why settle for less, SPEAK UP! That goes for your job too. You are the one walking in your shoes. You have to wake up in the morning and clock in and out of your job. You have to look at the other person everyday. You have to look in the mirror. Can you look in the mirror and say out loud you are happy in your relationship, job, and/or life? Did you pause? You just answered without saying anything. You are being content with yourself. You are shorting yourself out of happiness. I know I can do better and I’m working to change my situation. We need to admit to ourselves we are content and focus on what makes us happy. 

The definition of happy is to be delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing. 

Are you delighted everytime you see that special someone even when you get into an agreement? 

Are you glad to have the job that you have? 

Are you pleased at just being you? 

Can you honestly say you are happy? If so I’m happy for you because everyone is waiting to get to that level. Some people never will because they are satified at being content. 

I hope you enjoyed this #wwydWednesday! Stay happy y’all. 

Sincerely, Courtney Rene

Dress for the job you want, not for what you have.


Most of us know the saying “Dress for the job you want, not for what you have” either when going on a job interview or if you’re currently employed and is interested in a higher position. If you consider yourself as a leader you are eyeing to take your boss’s job. If you think something is wrong with that then you might be comfortable in your situation now. Nothing is wrong with that either some people are just comfortable getting the orders verses giving them. Unless you are sitting comfortably with my $100K or more people are usually thinking about changing jobs or moving up a ladder.

For people in their teens to early adults job hopping is normal. You’re getting experience and seeing what you like. When you’re in college you are taking different elective classes to make sure the major you choose or haven’t chose yet is right for you. While you are getting those experiences you should also be aware of your surroundings like management to see if you can see yourself in their shoes permanently. Once you’re in a position for about six months to a year and your manager is seeing great progress don’t be afraid to ask about growing opportunities in the company. Just like that song by Drake “started from the bottom now we’re here.” Everyone started from some where.

If you’re seeking a management role in your current company, mirror off the qualities of your boss but change up something. If you are exactly like all the other managers in the company then your manager’s boss wouldn’t see a need replace the manager at your job now. Make an effort because companies are growing in new cities, states, and countries and you could be apart of the growth. If you want that job you have change your current behaviors.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee