A lot of clothes! Where to put them?

Are you the type of person that have so many clothes and not enough closet space? Well I'm one of those people. For the past four years I've been using a garment rack to help spread out clothes and create more space in my closet. Garment racks can vary in prices depending on what you're... Continue Reading →

Poshmark! $10 or less!

I'm cleaning out my closet and I had to come to the decision to let some items go. Some items I haven't worn because I've lost weight and some are just chilling in my closet. Keep a lookout for new listing. Search: _cocorenee Join with code: HLRYS for a $5 credit

What’s In Your Closet

Okay let's be honest a lot of us do it. Don't even try to lie. We purchase something thinking we are going to wear it often. The next thing you know you wear it once and forget it's in the back of your closet. You finally remember it when you're trying to find something else.... Continue Reading →

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