Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

When I was younger the tradition was each of us can open one gift at midnight and wait until we woke up to open the rest. Now we open all our presents on Christmas Eve.  Leave a comment below of when you open your gifts.  Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Last time…

I don't know how some of you all do this but this year is the last time I'll ever do last minute shopping. The stores weren't too busy for me but the stress was overwhelming. For those that are still out there shopping good luck to you!  Sincerely, Courtney Renee 

What I always wanted as a kid

Hi Aspirers!  When you were a kid was it something you were dying to have? You got everything but that one thing! That one thing for me was a toy tea cart with over 100 pieces. It was the ultimate cart because it had everything you could imagine to play house with. I was in... Continue Reading →

Should I give you one? 

Hi Aspirers!  'Tis the season of being generous and gift giving is one act of being generous. Who doesn't love receiving gifts but have you ever been in a situation when someone gave you a gift and you wonder should you buy them one? Well I have. I believe it all depends on you. The... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Gift Ideas

OMG CHRISTMAS IS FRIDAY! I hope you figured out what you're getting everyone. If you're still stuck and looking for last minute gifts keep reading for stores you should go.  P.S. Since you waited so long to purchase ordering isn't an option so fill up your gas tank or call and Uber.  Top 3 gift... Continue Reading →

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