Roasted Garlic Steak with a Sweet Raspberry Salad

Hi Aspirers!

Last week I received a packaged in the mail from Influenster and they teamed up with Kraft this month. This is the first food-related Influenster box I’ve received since I’ve started getting boxes from them. I wanted to make another video for this week, but I didn’t know what I wanted to record. When I received the box, it hit me! I decided to recreate one of my childhood meals that my mom use to make and surprisingly included Kraft.

When cooking this meal it brought up some great memories of my mom. This recipe is easy to make. The great thing about it you can switch up the meats between steak, beef tips, ribs, pork, etc. If you don’t have the additional seasoning I mentioned in the video this will taste good with just your meat and a bottle of Kraft dressing.

Let’s getting this video and see how it turned out.

Talk soon, Courtney Renee

Review: Hourglass Concealer and Brush 

Hey Aspirers! 

Recently I’ve received a package from Influester to review a product by Hourglass. The package came the day I left for my trip so I couldn’t review it until now. There is a video below on my review plus some extras you didn’t get from my video. 

Again I want to thank Influester and Hourglass for sending me this product to review.

Below is a fact sheet on the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I love how there are so many shades so you’ll be able to find the shade you are looking for. 

Remember in the video I mentioned you dont have to apply concealer with this makeup? Well here is a comparison of my Bobbi Brown concealer and Vanish. You can tell how thick Vanish is next to Bobbi Brown. 

Click here to purchase your Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. 

Chick here to purchase your Vanish Foundation Brush. 

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