SavagexFenty REVIEWS

Hey Aspirers guess who received the lingerie line by Rihanna! I did! With all the hype of this new line I had to get my hands on it because I love anything by Rihanna. Who doesn't love Rihanna?! I decided to not only make one review video but TWO! In the videos you'll find out... Continue Reading →

#wwydWednesday: In between

We all know the beginning and the end of our plans are important but what happens in between is just as important maybe more. Coming up with an idea and starting a project can become a huge task. Once completed and we see great success we look back on how things use to be but... Continue Reading →

Fashion Is Everywhere

From my last post I shared with you all some people and apps I get my fashion inspiration and tips from but you don't have to look online or download apps to your phone because fashion can be found everywhere. When you look at the Eiffel Tower some might see a huge tower but others... Continue Reading →

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