SavagexFenty REVIEWS

Hey Aspirers guess who received the lingerie line by Rihanna! I did! With all the hype of this new line I had to get my hands on it because I love anything by Rihanna. Who doesn’t love Rihanna?! I decided to not only make one review video but TWO! In the videos you’ll find out the quality of products, how everything fit me, and is it worth your money. Check out the videos and let me know what you think.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydWednesday: In between

We all know the beginning and the end of our plans are important but what happens in between is just as important maybe more. Coming up with an idea and starting a project can become a huge task. Once completed and we see great success we look back on how things use to be but how many of us look back at the steps we took to get us to where we are. The process is so important and a great learning tool to begin something new and teach others on ways to improve. So the next time you tell your story remember the process that brought you to where you are now. 

What are some of the things you learned? If you skipped some steps do you think you would of made it to where you are today? Comment below. 

I hope you liked my #wwydWednesday message. Keep checking my blog for more great posts. 

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Fashion Is Everywhere


From my last post I shared with you all some people and apps I get my fashion inspiration and tips from but you don’t have to look online or download apps to your phone because fashion can be found everywhere. When you look at the Eiffel Tower some might see a huge tower but others might be inspired to create an A-line dress. For people that love to hunt, your camo outfits didn’t just come out of thin air. The person that created camo got their inspiration from the forest. The colors people use to paint, color, an draw with was inspired my nature. If you ever feel lost and you feel like you lost your muse or need help finding a new color to add to your wardrobe why not step outside. What looks one way to some may look completely different to you.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee