3 Days Until The New Year! 

There are 3 days until 2017 so here are 3 ways I'm bringing in the new year:  Ending the year how I want the new year to begin. Surrounding myself with positive people.  Leaving everything negative in my past.  Have a glass of red wine in one hand. What are 3 ways you're bringing in... Continue Reading →

Christmas Tag Part 1

Hey Aspirers!  I found this Christmas tag from Meg Taylor. I've never done a tag so I thought why not do one for 25 days of blogging!  1. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?  A: Open gifts on Christmas Eve  2. Where do you spend Christmas?  A: With my family 3. Do you decorate before... Continue Reading →


In one of my previous posts I told you all what Christmas means to me and how it changed over the years and this post I'm sharing how I've seened Christmas evolve in the economy.  If we think back to our first memory of Christmas and how Christmas was explained us it might of been... Continue Reading →

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