Favorite Holiday Dish

Hi Aspirers!

This is day 3 of 25 days of blogging for Christmas. This post is about something I love, FOOD! I hope you enjoy. 

You can’t have a holiday dinner without macaroni and cheese. I don’t know if this was an actual tradition or my mom made this up so I had something for the holiday dinner but she said the youngest member of the family had to shred the cheese for the macaroni and cheese. Shredding cheese was not a fun job. To this day we still have this old bright green plastic grader and my fingers would get so close to holes the tips of my fingers would go numb. Thank goodness the grader was plastic because that saying “putting your blood, sweat, and tears” into something would of been true. As the years went on it became easier and easier. Then I started making the macaroni and cheese and changing the recipe a little so I wouldn’t have to grade the cheese.

What is your favorite holiday dish? Comment below.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee