In one of my previous posts I told you all what Christmas means to me and how it changed over the years and this post I'm sharing how I've seened Christmas evolve in the economy.  If we think back to our first memory of Christmas and how Christmas was explained us it might of been... Continue Reading →

#wwydwednesday: Respect in the workplace

Respect now is hard to come by and I don't understand why. Are people not learning manners at home? Are people taking what they see in the media seriously? Do they feel worthless so they are bring people around them down too? This topic is important especially at work because those are the hours we... Continue Reading →

#favFriday: What’s in your planner? 

After graduating high school or college it's time to get serious about your future. We all have ideas on where we see ourselves short term and/or long term. Can we get there and be secure without money? If you can live an exciting and fulfilled lifestyle without spending money let me know if not check... Continue Reading →

Love vs Money

In today society we see a lot of greed. Money this money that. When going to college and you have to decide on your major, some might have a conflict in picking what you want verses what your parents want. I know when I went to college and I came home and my dad said... Continue Reading →

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