In one of my previous posts I told you all what Christmas means to me and how it changed over the years and this post I’m sharing how I’ve seened Christmas evolve in the economy. 

If we think back to our first memory of Christmas and how Christmas was explained us it might of been explained as a celebration of the birth of Jesus and remembering the importance of why God decided to bless Mary and Joseph with Jesus. Through the years of working through retail I’ve seen the true meaning of what Christmas should be about to an opportunity for making money. I remember seeing Christmas decorations in stores starting after Thanksgiving but now companies are advertising and selling Christmas products before Halloween! Turning Black Friday to purchase gifts early to Black week. Turning the holidays from spending time with your love ones to spending time at work. If we are so busy working and supposedly making money then why are we so many people scraping by? Companies are spending so much money competing with a holiday that was not meant for sell. People waited until December to start playing music and decorating their homes and it was fine then. Trading family time for work time is at an all time high especially in America. I just wish more companies took the time to see the importance of being with family and resting. 

Do you feel like the true meaning of Christmas has turn from family time to money time? Leave a comment down below. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#wwydwednesday: Respect in the workplace

Respect now is hard to come by and I don’t understand why. Are people not learning manners at home? Are people taking what they see in the media seriously? Do they feel worthless so they are bring people around them down too?

This topic is important especially at work because those are the hours we need to take things seriously. Making money isn’t something to joke about. If I was the boss for some of the places I’ve worked at more than half the people would be fired. I don’t know if I have an old soul or if I genuinely want to be kind but maybe it’s a little bit of both. When you step into a work environment you should leave your issues at the door. Don’t bring your issues in and cause problems. When I come into work I’m expecting a fun day because I want to enjoy my job. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their job? If you have to work with people with bad attitudes or can’t respect you why should you feel uncomfortable and walk on egg shells around them. I’m currently in a situation where I don’t know how to address someone without being rude myself because they choose to be up and down with their attitude. It’s hard to address someone in a way without being the bad guy espiecally if you’re in a leadership position. Honestly it’s an excuse when I hear this person is young they don’t know better or they don’t do it around me. When you aren’t the manager it’s certain things you can and cannot say. I’ve came to terms knowing people aren’t like me but when are in the same workplace we have the same goal which is make money. So why is it so hard to respect the team you’re on and make that money? 

If you were wondering this post is also a ranting session for me but if I’m going through this maybe someone is to. Are you having these types of issues in your workplace? How do you handle it? Leave comments below.  

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: What’s in your planner? 

After graduating high school or college it’s time to get serious about your future. We all have ideas on where we see ourselves short term and/or long term. Can we get there and be secure without money? If you can live an exciting and fulfilled lifestyle without spending money let me know if not check out how I’m planning. 

First thing I started doing recently is writing out my bills and how much I want to save each pay week. For the past few months my notes have been getting pretty messy so I decided to get a planner. 

$4.96 at Wal-Mart

I needed something bigger so I can physically see what I’m doing on what days. I decided to plan out 6 months ahead. If something comes up unexpected I’ve already been saving so I’ll have enough to cover the cost. I didn’t plan out more since I know my bills are steady. 

Next I filled out my planner on when bills are due and color coded them.  Coloring coding makes it easier to focus on what you’re trying to do with your money. 

 Everything that is highlighted in the same color as my paycheck will be payed off with that check. I’m not touching my savings on bills. After I pay my bills I put a portion of the rest in savings. I even have a savings column.  

How do I know how much to save each paycheck? I’m glad you ask. I calculate how much money I’ll need for gas, food, and activities in between pay periods then put the rest aside. 

What else do I use my planner for? I use it to set dates for future plans like trips. That’s why it’s important to plan in advance instead of waiting until the week before you need to pay for flights and hotels.  

 Since I’m using my planner as a savings tool one thing I don’t put in my planner is my account balances or account numbers just in case I lose it some where. I put that information in a secure location. 
I hope this week’s #favFriday was helpful. If you all have a planner have you thought about using it as a savings tool? Comment below. 

Sincerley, Courtney Renee

Love vs Money

In today society we see a lot of greed. Money this money that. When going to college and you have to decide on your major, some might have a conflict in picking what you want verses what your parents want. I know when I went to college and I came home and my dad said “fashion what can you do with that?” Even random people would say the same things. Why waste your college years on that? It just makes me sick hearing things like that. Everyone doesn’t want to be a doctor or a scientist. Some of us just want to follow our dreams and sometimes those dreams don’t make us rich but make us happy. One profession that is important but they get paid very little are teachers. Without teachers who teaches us to think we can do anything we put our minds to and gives us the education to move forward in life. What about the people in the arts like actors, poets, dancers, designers, painters, etc they pave the way for us to think outside the box. Everything isn’t so black and white. With more and more arts being cut from schools it’s harder for kids to express themselves and see there are more things to do in the world besides sitting in an office. There are people that loves sitting in an office and working for a corporate business but others like myself want to sit face to face with the people that need help. Money is great but money sometimes blinds us to remember how we became so successful. We focus to much on “we made it” and not on the steps it took to get us there. 

If you pick love over money nothing is wrong with that just prove to those people that are bringing you down that without that profession there wouldn’t be _________. If you pick money don’t forget how you became successful. Everyone struggled at some point. At the end of the day if you’re happy in whatever you do you’ll be successful anyway. Look around now anything and everything can make you money. Just some professions take a little longer to see it. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee