Hey Aspirers! It felt amazing this afternoon in North Carolina and I wanted to dress like how I was feeling. I wanted to show you all what I put together.   Jacket: Ashley by 26 International Bodysuit: Buckle Necklaces: Buckle Belt: Wal-Mart Pants: Just Black Shoes: Soda  Majority of my items could be found at... Continue Reading →

Review: Hourglass Concealer and Brush 

Hey Aspirers!  Recently I've received a package from Influester to review a product by Hourglass. The package came the day I left for my trip so I couldn't review it until now. There is a video below on my review plus some extras you didn't get from my video.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mPSc2LC8Bh4 Again I want to thank... Continue Reading →

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