31 Movies for Halloween 2019: Part 3

Hi Aspirers, How are you liking the movies? Are you planning out your list, so you can binge-watch some on Halloween? I'm hoping my ratings are helping you decide on what to watch. One rating to be particular for Fractured will have some people wondering why wasn't my rating higher for one? Trust me it's... Continue Reading →

31 Movies for Halloween 2019: Part 2

Hey Aspirers! Did you watch some of the movies from part 1? I've received some good feedback on Instagram about the previous ones. Check out part 2 of 31 movies for Halloween. A.M.I. trailer Head Count trailer Sinister Circle trailer Don't Knock Twice trailer The Rift: The dark side of the Moon trailer I hope... Continue Reading →

31 Movies for Halloween 2019: Part 1

Hi Aspirers! I just finished watching 5 movies for 31 movies for Halloween! Like I said in my previous post this year I'll be rating all the movies that I'm watching. I'm rating them on how well it keeps my attention, creativity and psychological factors, scare and thrill factors, gore, and how predictable it is.... Continue Reading →

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