Hi Aspirers to welcome in the new year with a New Year Giveaway! I had the opportunity to collab with some awesome ladies to make this possible. This giveaway ends January 4th, 2018. The winner will be chosen at random. Good luck everyone!! - Rules: 1. Like this picture on Instagram here 2. Tag 3... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year’s Eve

Hi Aspirers it's New Year's Eve can you believe it? Soon it'll be goodbye 2016 and hello 2017 but before we say our goodbyes think about what is one thing you wish to bring into the new year and comment below.  Everything I've gone through this year the good and the bad was a learning... Continue Reading →

2 Days Until 2017

Oh my gosh it's almost 2017! Can you believe it! Since it's 2 days away I wanted to tell you 2 things I would change about myself if I could in 2016:  I wish I spoke up more. I'm pretty outspoken already but I let a lot of things slide by that shouldn't have.  I'm... Continue Reading →

3 Days Until The New Year! 

There are 3 days until 2017 so here are 3 ways I'm bringing in the new year:  Ending the year how I want the new year to begin. Surrounding myself with positive people.  Leaving everything negative in my past.  Have a glass of red wine in one hand. What are 3 ways you're bringing in... Continue Reading →

It's 4 days until 2017 so here are 4 things I'm looking forward to in 2017! Travel more of course  Be around more family. My family is so spread out it's nice to see and meet new and old faces I want the event I'm planning with another blogger be a success. Move into that... Continue Reading →

It's only 5 days until 2017 and here is a list of 5 things I've done in 2016. What have you done? Comment below. Traveled to Hong Kong, China  Visited and met some of my family members on my fathers side in Atlanta, Ga (I learned some things from my Caribbean roots)  Went sightseeing in... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolution 

2016 is literally around the corner and for a lot of countries it's already here but for the US we still have a little time to think about what happen in 2015 and focus on a better 2016.  So what are some of your resolutions? Have you thought about it? I know I have. If... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Eve

Just because the year is almost over doesn't mean you should quit. It means you should continue on your path. Your path to your future. Your path to make your life better. Your path to be happy and stay happy. New Year's Eve is just the beginning never the end. 2014 was for thinking about... Continue Reading →

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