Hi Aspirers! Today is July 1st! Yes I said it, July 1st. Can you believe it? This year is flying by. July is one of my favorite months of the year because it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Seeing your next birthday is a blessing that we sometimes take for granted. Let's take the time and make... Continue Reading →

SavagexFenty REVIEWS

Hey Aspirers guess who received the lingerie line by Rihanna! I did! With all the hype of this new line I had to get my hands on it because I love anything by Rihanna. Who doesn't love Rihanna?! I decided to not only make one review video but TWO! In the videos you'll find out... Continue Reading →

#wwydWednesday: Let be positive! 

I'm great!  I'm doing amazing things right now! I'm finally understanding it!  How often have you said positive things about yourself? You know we can be our biggest critics at times but we have to remember to be positive too. Positivity keeps us going. Yes we might thrive off of negative people to show them... Continue Reading →

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