How the Grinch(es) Stole My Christmas

Hi Aspirers! 

If there is one thing I don’t like about the holiday is working during the holiday season. Working in retail is my choice. I went to college for fashion that was also my choice. What was not my choice is helping grinches on holidays. My full time job is retail and retail alone is stressful but retail during the holiday is CRAZY!  Hours change and customers expect the workers to have items fall from the skies whenever they need it. 

We understand it’s the holidays and time is running out until December 25th but I wish some customers gave workers a break for things we don’t have control over. Such as:

  • UPS/FEDEX shipping. It’s not our fault you decided to order an item a week before Christmas and it hasn’t arrived yet. 
  • UNAVAILABLE. You aren’t the only person that want that item. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I know how to sew but I’m not making that shirt for you. 
  • APPLYING FOR CREDIT CARDS. Employees are trying to help you save money by applying for that store card and get you additional % off. We aren’t trying to get you in debt. You know your max card limit and it doesn’t mean you have the max out the card. Deep down you maxed out that card because you wanted that expensive item(s). 
  • STORE HOURS extended. The malls and department stores extended hours to make shopping more convenient for shoppers not more convenient for workers. When it’s 10pm or 11pm and workers are trying to close the doors because they have families too, it doesn’t mean customers should walk in 5 minutes until closing. Trust us we want your money but we also want our beds. Please just be considerate. 

Those are just a few examples. If you have anymore leave your comments below. 

The holiday season is meant for joy not stress and retail workers want to make your holiday stress free. If I get a customer acting out it doesn’t make the process smooth for me, them, and the people around them. Breathe and realize it’ll be okay. Sometimes when someone brings your mood down it effects your whole day and again the holiday season is meant for joy not stress. 

Grinches can be customers but workers can also be grinches too. Let us have less stressful days and plan accordingly so we all don’t have a run in with a Grinch. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Let Me Style You

Are you trying to update your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Let me help you. My profession is a Men’s Specialist and I’ve met tons of guys that had no clue how to pick a perfect outfit for their body type. As a woman with a degree in fashion I have an eye to help both MEN and WOMEN off all ages. The men that are reading this I don’t want you to get discourage and think “I don’t know if I want a woman helping me?” Let me tell you I can. The women reading this night think “Another wannabe fashion stylist.” Trust be I’m not a wannabe I KNOW what I’m talking about because I have actual experience and a degree in what I do. I’m not going to limit what I can do for you. I want to help you both professionally and personally. Beauty comes from the inside not just the outside. I have ways to reach your inner beauty as well. Let me help you!

Contact me and I will show you my talents. My plan is help the FIRST 5 people FREE of charge. In the next post I’m going to give you a preview of what I will do for you.

Keep reading my blog you won’t be disappointed.