What’s In Your Planner Part 2

Sorry for not having an #ootdMonday for you guys but I wasn’t feeling good but I’m feeling much better! I’ve decided to do a video from my last post from #favFriday. I hope you enjoy!

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Sincerely, Courtney Renee

#favFriday: What’s in your planner? 

After graduating high school or college it’s time to get serious about your future. We all have ideas on where we see ourselves short term and/or long term. Can we get there and be secure without money? If you can live an exciting and fulfilled lifestyle without spending money let me know if not check out how I’m planning. 

First thing I started doing recently is writing out my bills and how much I want to save each pay week. For the past few months my notes have been getting pretty messy so I decided to get a planner. 

$4.96 at Wal-Mart

I needed something bigger so I can physically see what I’m doing on what days. I decided to plan out 6 months ahead. If something comes up unexpected I’ve already been saving so I’ll have enough to cover the cost. I didn’t plan out more since I know my bills are steady. 

Next I filled out my planner on when bills are due and color coded them.  Coloring coding makes it easier to focus on what you’re trying to do with your money. 

 Everything that is highlighted in the same color as my paycheck will be payed off with that check. I’m not touching my savings on bills. After I pay my bills I put a portion of the rest in savings. I even have a savings column.  

How do I know how much to save each paycheck? I’m glad you ask. I calculate how much money I’ll need for gas, food, and activities in between pay periods then put the rest aside. 

What else do I use my planner for? I use it to set dates for future plans like trips. That’s why it’s important to plan in advance instead of waiting until the week before you need to pay for flights and hotels.  

 Since I’m using my planner as a savings tool one thing I don’t put in my planner is my account balances or account numbers just in case I lose it some where. I put that information in a secure location. 
I hope this week’s #favFriday was helpful. If you all have a planner have you thought about using it as a savings tool? Comment below. 

Sincerley, Courtney Renee

Shopping On A Budget

A lot of us want to look fashionable and stylish even the people that act like they don’t care. We follow people on social media liking their #OOTD, #OOTN, #designer, #goingout, #nofilter, #checkmeout, and more. Yo Gotti said it perfectly

“Everybody wanna be a dope boy
Everybody wanna be a coke boy
Everybody got a chopper, everybody getting money
Everybody say they from the hood
Everybody real but they not boy
Everybody say that she’s a bad bitch
Everybody on Instagram looking like they mad rich
But they not
Everybody say they started from the bottom now they at the top”

I’m not going to lie I use some of those hashtags above and a lot of us are guilty for posting pictures of our online self and not our real life because we aren’t celebrities and we don’t do marvelous things every night. When we do post our lives online we want to look good doing those activities. I know I do!

For now lets stop thinking about the Yo Gotti song I posted above and lets talk about you as an individual. What do you think is fashionable, stylish, and what looks great on you? Do you love designer clothes? Do you love designer clothes but don’t have designer money? Well if your answer is yes then you would want to keep reading because I want to give you some tips on how to shop on a budget.

Step 1: Before you go out on your little shopping spree you have to check how much you can actually spend. Calculate how much you have left after paying your bills or your necessities. After you figure that out you’ll see how much you can actually spend.

Step 2: Now you know how much you can spend, you can figure out the stores you can afford to go to. If your spending limit is $100 then forget about Neiman Marcus because you can’t find an outfit there. You can shop at Forever21, H&M, Papaya, Charlotte Russe, thrifting, and more. Yes I said thrifting! You don’t have to be poor or in debt to shop there. Plato’s Closet and Uptown Cheapskate is considered thrifting too. You can find designer clothes at thrift stores. Some of my favorite clothing pieces came from thrift stores and no one knows it until I tell them. If you’re big on DIY projects thrift stores are great.

Step 3: After you pick out the stores you want to visit check out their website for promotions either online or in-store. Sales mean you can keep more money in your pocket. I love shopping online because you can compare prices easier and you can save money on gas if you stay at home. Why spend $70 on a dress when you can find the same dress or something similar some where else for less. If it’s something that is hard to find or you want to make sure no one else will have that same outfit at the party you’re going to tonight then spend the money.

Here are a few websites that have great deals: AMICLUBWEAR , Fashion Junkee , $10 mall , and 6pm. I absolutely love Amiclubwear great deals everyday. I have so many shoes from them. I’m their little spokeswomen and they don’t even know it.

Step 4: This is the most important step STAY ON BUDGET! You can go under budget but don’t go over. If you go over budget you might get buyers remorse and return your items. What’s the point of returning? If you think you have to return something because it’s too much then you shouldn’t of bought in the first place. If you can afford the item then you wouldn’t have to second guess yourself. Am I right?

I hope these steps help. When you put on that hot affordable outfit don’t forget to post it because “Everybody on Instagram looking like they mad rich.” Lol. Don’t forget those great hashtags you have to use. Use #aspireoneself too. I want to see the outfits you found.  You don’t have to be mad rich to look the part, you’re just looking good!

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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