Last time…

I don’t know how some of you all do this but this year is the last time I’ll ever do last minute shopping. The stores weren’t too busy for me but the stress was overwhelming. For those that are still out there shopping good luck to you! 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee 

Last Minute Gift Ideas

OMG CHRISTMAS IS FRIDAY! I hope you figured out what you’re getting everyone. If you’re still stuck and looking for last minute gifts keep reading for stores you should go. 

P.S. Since you waited so long to purchase ordering isn’t an option so fill up your gas tank or call and Uber. 

Top 3 gift ideas for LADIES:

1. Jewelry/Accessories 

  • Charming Charlie’s is a great place to get accessories because everything is color coordinated. 
  • Claire’s: What mall doesn’t have one?
  •  Wal-mart/Target: if you live in a town without a mall Wal-mart/Target are your best bet.

2. Gift cards: head to their favorite clothing store or restaurant and purchase one of these.

3. Handbags

  • Aldo: nice quality look and lower prices
  • Outlets: These places always have deals going on. 
  • Target: Target has been selling knock off looks for under $35. Go check it out. 

Top 3 gift ideas for GUYS:

1. Gift cards: if you don’t know their size in clothing, know they love playing video games, or just super picky or plain gift cards will be perfect. 

2. Cologne: We all love a man that smells good.

  • Macy’s
  • Belk
  • Outlets

3. Accessories- Belts, socks, underwear, wallets, etc

  • Wal-mart
  • Target
  • Department stores
  • Any men’s clothing store

I hope these last minute gift ideas help! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

    When you’re shopping……

    When you’re going shopping and you’re picking clothes to try on are you looking for clothes that you like or what your peers will like?

    There is so much pressure to fit in even with our own group of friends because we all are comfortable with them. Some people don’t want to be the awkward friend to get laugh at even though you know they are joking.

    My question to you is when you’re planning on changing up your style how important is it to you for other people to like it and why?

    Sincerely, Courtney Renee