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STORY TIME: Teen Vogue x Parsons I QUIT

Hey Aspirers and welcome new Aspirers to my blog. I’m still celebrating my birthday month. Don’t forget to send in your questions, any questions you want answered! You can submit them here. At the end of the month I’m going to record a Q&A video. I can’t wait to answer your questions! If I don’t get to your question for the video I will personally email my answer to you. In the meantime checkout my story time video.

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Sizes May Vary

Sizes in clothing stores varies everywhere you go and for this week’s Teen Vogue and Parsons assignment I’m showing you how some of my sizes varies from one of my favorite clothing stores Buckle.

One thing I’m obsessed with buying is bodysuits. I’m loving the bodysuit trend right now and one thing I’ve been noticing is all bodysuits do not fit the same. I love this versatile one piece and finding shirts I can make look like a bodysuit such as finding fitted tops. I would compare shopping for bodysuit to shopping for swimsuits. So if you don’t like swimsuit shopping bodysuits aren’t your thing. I always wanted to be the person that could go into a store and know a medium will fit but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Below I attached me in a variety of bodysuits and tops all in the size large but as you can see some are more flattering than others.

What I found with each piece is they are all stretchy which I like but the fringe bodysuit I noticed during the day when I’m wearing the bodysuit it stretch out more and more. I’m usually a medium but for bodysuits I have to get a large because I have a long torso. All the bodysuits snapped at the bottom but the fringe one was cut shorter underneath so snapping it could be a little difficult. If I could go back in time I would change my mind on getting the fringe bodysuit. The blush bodysuit had the most give because the back was strappy and open.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with bodysuits. I would recommend this versatile piece for anytime of the year. Throw it on with a skirt, jeans, or dress pants. You can do it all!

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Parsons x Teen Vogue Production cost

For one of my assignments in my Parsons x Teen Vogue course talks about production costs and how to make a better profit. I wanted to share what I’ve learned just in case some of you all are entrepreneurs. 

I’ve calculated how much it’ll cost me to continue making these pair of earrings one set at a time. 

These is my calculations on if I buy my materials in bulk for my earrings. 

In the end I realized it’s cheaper to buy my materials in bulk because my production costs lowers making my profit increase from $4.06 to 7.56 per earring. The sources I would use to purchase my materials in bulk are whole sellers from Amazon and eBay but if I decide to use whole sellers outside the country I would calculate making a even bigger profit. 

When you’re looking to make a bigger profit try finding ways to maximize your earnings such as buying in bulk or buying overseas. 

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

Applying Parsons x Teen Vogue To My Everyday Life

Hi Aspirers as you all already know I’ve been working on my online fashion certificate program with Parsons x Teen Vogue for the past few months and you’ve been watching my video updates on my YouTube channel so here it is another update for you all. I’ve graduated from a four year university with a BS in Consumer Apparel Retail Studies and all my professors told me that all these assignments would help me in my everyday life but at that time I didn’t think so (more so thought this about my core classes not in my major classes). All I wanted to do was graduate and start making money! Since I’ve been working on the assignments I’ve completed with the Parsons x Teen Vogue program I’ve realized I’ve been applying my course work to my everyday life especially Course 3 The Production Cycle. At the beginning of each course and assignment there is a mini video to watch and this one particular video talked about having a business plan. What a business plan can do is help you build a company, start a fashion line, or for me it help me create event I’m planning for next year with another blogger.

To start a business plan you have to have an idea. You can’t do anything without knowing what and why you are doing it. Second is your funding. Are you using your money, taking out a loan, applying for grants, or maybe sponsorships. Currently I’m on the this step for my event. Without funding there is no way your idea will happen. Nothing in life is free. Third, how are people going to know about your idea? You’ll need to market. Now there are endless ways on how we can market ourselves and our businesses. Thinking about the second step funding find ways to market for free first because that will cut down your costs so you’ll see a bigger profit. Maybe trade services to get your advertising costs cut in half. Fourth is management. We have to stay on top of everything especially when the wheel starts turning and it’ll start turning fast once people are seeing your buzz and loving your buzz. If you lose control on what’s going on the plan you once had will turn towards a different direction.

Once you have a set business plan in place you can use that same plan to venture out into different avenues. The other important thing to know is success doesn’t happen over night. Some people might not understand your vision like you want them to, so don’t give up on your idea just figure out a plan that will work.

Sincerely, Courtney Renee

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My Parson x Teen Vogue Experience Part 1

Hey Aspirers!

Some of you all have been messaging me asking about the certificate program I’m in with Parsons The New School so I made a video just for you. This is just part 1 of my journey and I’ll keep you updated on what and how I’m doing in the program. 

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